Freedom Memoirs – Day 249

by mohingamatters

Residents of Loikaw, Kayah State witnessed heavy artillery shelling once again last night between 7pm to 9pm. Initially, back and forth firings were heard at the outskirts of the city which was soon followed by one-sided artillery shelling from junta’s forces into civilians’ neighborhood. The two-hour long attack resulted in at least 10 deaths according to Voice of America (VOA). However, the locals were unclear who was exchanging gunshots against the regime’s soldiers during last night’s clash. Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDP) denied their involvement in the incident and said, “it could be just a small group or a couple of guys against junta’s forces” who used excessive measures in response. About 10 houses were destroyed too due to the shelling.

As Min Aung Hlaing planned to visit Yangon and Thanlyin, his army’s forces were deployed in many areas of the city today. Despite the tightened security, explosions took place in various locations. Bomb blasts occurred in Shwegondine and Insein townships around 12:15pm. More explosions were recorded in electricity supply office and internal revenue (tax) office of Thongwa Township just before 5pm as well. Thongwa Youth Force-T.Y.F claimed responsibility and reminded people not to pay electricity bills and tax to the putschists. In the same statement, T.Y.F also warned junta-appointed ward administrators to leave their jobs or face consequences.

The reason the murderer in chief Min Aung Hlaing was in town is because he wanted to attend the establishment ceremony of new coast guard force in Thanlyin yesterday and the completion ceremony of underpass bridge in Hledan which was constructed under the previous National League for Democracy (NLD) government. His craving for recognition inside and outside the country is not news anymore but many people were baffled by the sudden formation of coast guard force as his military is being defeated in various regions of the country and he instead chose to put manpower in a place somewhat less threatening. In the meantime, National Unity Government (NUG) announced this morning that they have formed an interim people’s police administration committee with objectives to welcome those who will join civic disobedience movement (CDM), to plan safety for CDM families, to help solve their struggles and to persuade those currently in service (non-CDM).

When Min Aung Hlaing was too busy cutting ribbons, some of his forces back home in Naypyitaw were attacked by people defense forces (PDF) yesterday evening at Mahaythi Inspection Gate. The ambush killed at least six of junta’s soldiers and Naypyitaw PDF announced it was their doing. Another shootout was reported in Kawmhu Township, Yangon where four unknown gunmen on motorbikes shot fires at armed Pyu Saw Htee members at an inspection gate in a village. Regime’s soldiers rushed to the scene; however, they were attacked on the way with detonated landmines and as a result, one was killed and six were injured according to Khit Thit Media.

Another crack in the junta’s military was seen yesterday in Paletwa, Chin State. The Irrawaddy reported that there was a friendly fire among regime’s soldiers and killed one private. Locals told the media “There was more than one gunshot, some said it was intentional, some said it was more of a suicide”. Phone lines were cut off in the area from 4pm to 7pm following the incident. Internet and land travel to Paletwa has been blocked by junta’s forces for the time being.

In Thayet Chaung Township, Dawei District of Tanintharyi Region, junta’s forces have intensified their attacks against local PDFs since October 3 and consequently, some of the villages have been left empty due to the exodus. TYC-PDF, a local PDF, had encountered at least four times with the regime’s soldiers during the period, reported by BBC Burmese. A spokesperson told BBC that the regime’s soldiers abducted four villagers and shelled heavy artillery towards the villages following their defeat on October 3. More atrocities were witnessed in Myaung Township of Sagaing Region. Seven military’s trucks raided Mintan Village this morning around 10am and burned down a few houses. As three civilians came to put out the fire, they were shot and killed on the spot, a local told Khit Thit Media.

In Htanlang, Chin State which had suffered a similar fate when it was set on fire by junta’s forces on October 18, many residents have fled the town and only a handful of people are currently resided there. Today, a civilian was shot by regime’s soldiers as he came back home to provide for his mentally challenged sister who was left behind. Luckily, he managed to flee with wounds. A group of people were also shot as they tried to enter their own homes and take their belongings. They escaped with some injuries as well. In Mandalay, the five monks and three civilian who were abducted on October 2 during a violent crackdown have not been heard again by friends and families. The peaceful protest was rammed into by junta’s forces in a private car before the group was shot, beaten and abducted on that day. Families are worried sick due to terrifying interrogation stories.

Speaking of terrible interrogation stories, another cruel news came from Hlegu Township that a social welfare volunteer U Aung Kyaw Kyaw who was abducted with no concrete reason on October 4 was reportedly killed during interrogation last night. Not only did they killed an innocent man, junta’s forces also tried to cover up as they said U Aung Kyaw Kyaw was drowned and found dead. Hlegu PDF announced that U Aung Kyaw Kyaw was shot in the head by junta’s forces during questioning and his body was cremated this afternoon.

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