Freedom Memoirs – Day 253

More and more violence rages on inside the country today. Assassinations of pro-military lackeys and allies have been frequent. In Ma Laing Township, Mandalay Region, a pro-military member of township administration council was shot to death by six men. Similarly, in Bago region, several assassinations took place today. Junta-appointed ward administrator Aung Min Oo and a member of pro-military Pyu Saw Htee,Ko Phyo, were shot to death in Nattalin township. In Mandalay Region, Taungtha Township, a Pyu Saw Htee member in military uniform was killed by PDF Myay Latt and a guerrilla force. The gun seized from the assassinated man turned out to be a toy gun. Last night in Zee Gone Township, Bago Region, two hand grenades were thrown at the police security gate by an unknown group of people. This led to two police deaths and two injuries. Meanwhile, Htee Lin PDF reported that they had seized 20 Tuu Mee (traditional Chin hunting rifles) from ambush of Pyu Saw Htee members on motorbikes near Zee Daw village. One member was killed. 

Attacks and ambushes on the soldiers’ trucks have been frequently followed by the junta’s extrajudicial killings of the nearby villages and scorching of the villages. In Kyawkhaetat village of Minkin Township, Sagaing, Minkin PDF shot down a junta’s soldier hiding on top of the telecom tower. In retaliation, junta’s soldiers and members of Pyu Saw Htee raided the villages and set fire to seven houses of the civilians in Laung Pyit village, looting and destroying properties of the villagers. At 10am today in Depayin, Sagaing region, the military trucks on Monywa-YayOo highway were blasted in a detonated mine, which led to the soldiers staging shooting sprees nearby the incident. They started shooting from the cars into streets, and nearby villages and forests leading all the villagers to flee in fear of extrajudicial killings and raids. 

Again in Sagaing, in Htee Chike’s Laythar Village, some PDF members and civilians were killed by the junta’s excessive forces. Villagers reported that more than hundreds of soldiers raided the village and even fired heavy artillery on the village. Four civilians were killed in the attack including four PDF members who came to defend their village. The junta’s forces are now raiding the villages of Htee Chike, destroying and looting properties of the civilians. Many villagers have fled to nearby villages. In Yinmarbin township, more than 25 military personnel were killed in two remote bombs detonated by Yinmarbin PDF and civilian defense force led by commander Yan Shin. Urban areas are no exception; junta’s forces continue to pay their price.Near the City-Mart in Thamine junction, Yangon, a remote bomb blasted where the soldiers gathered. Witnesses reported that one soldier could have died as he was covered in blood, and unfortunately some Food Panda riders were injured in their arms as well. In Mandalay, a guerrilla force, Rangers of Mandalay, threw a bomb at the soldiers who were stationed inside the school compound; one soldier was killed.

Due to PDF’s strongholds in Sagaing region and Chin state, it is reported that the junta will launch a more severe attack in those areas. Today in Kalay Town, more than 30 military reinforcement trucks and tanks were spotted on their way to Chin state, where the defensive wars have been fierce against the junta. Netizens reported that these trucks are to reinforce more military personnel and rations. There has also been rumors that the junta will launch more intensified attacks and raids in the areas of Sagaing Region and Chin State, with two new commanders assigned after North-Western commander, Brigadier General Phyo Thant, had been supposedly detained for poor management. Some aircrafts are reported to have landed and departed in Kalay airport carrying out military’s families today and yesterday.

In a Karen National Union’s controlled region, Phapon district, six clashes broke out on October 9 alone between the junta’s soldiers, BGF and Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA)’s troops from Brigade 5 and 7. Two junta and BGF soldiers died during six clashes while seven of them were injured. During three-day battles in KNU’s brigade-5 alone, eight junta’s and BGF’s soldiers were killed with 27 injured. BGF was reportedly shooting to a boat that carried a pregnant woman leading the boat to return without reaching the hospital. According to Karen Human Rights groups, the junta’s soldiers have been firing heavy artillery onto the villages, looting domesticated animals and demanding forced labours from the villagers. Again in Kawnwe village today, Kawkareik township, Karen state, the clashes between KNLA and the junta’s forces resulted in two junta’s soldiers’ deaths when the junta’s troops were intruding the area to gain control.

People have not given up protesting. Early in the morning at 4:30am, youth organized people-less campaigns holding anti-coup banners were held around land posts, stop signs and on crossroads in Thingangyun Township, Yangon. In Shwebo Township, Sagaing Tegion, people marched to the streets of their town rhyming in harmony in their anti-coup chants. In Yinmarbin Township, a coalition of villages from the east of Yinmarbin and west of Sarlingyi townships protested again on the streets of their villages. In Kalay township, anti-fascist military regime strike of Kalay marched to the streets for 246 consecutive days and welcomed by people as they joined the march. In Hpakant, civilians led a prayer campaign for the safety of the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and PDF. Women in Salingyi, Sagaing, led the protest holding the Sarongs. Taze civilians marched to the streets chanting, “never surrender”. Meanwhile, two women protesters were arrested in the Mandalay strike today. Pyi Gyi Tagon Monk led the night strike against the fascist regime tonight.

Press freedom has been under attack since February. Myanmar Press Freedom In-Depth (MPFI-D) released the list of 54 journalists who have been detained and charged with sedition law by the junta. The junta has also revoked licenses of eight media and continue to crackdown journalists since February.

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