Freedom Memoirs – Day 265

by mohingamatters

A week after the ASEAN announced the exclusion of junta leader, Min Aung Hlaing from attending the regional bloc’s summit next week, the Myanmar military government still seemed to be grasping at whatever straws remained to be included in the special meeting instead of being fair and happy that a non-political representative would be representing the country. The junta-Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued yet another statement on October 22, complaining that ASEAN decision is in violation of the provisions, objectives and cherished principles of the ASEAN charter. The statement claimed that the heads of state or government of Myanmar have the equal and full rights to participate in the summit, and Myanmar refuses to accept the exclusion. The only people who are still unhappy about this news are Min Aung Hlaing and his followers… we can confidently say, many Myanmar people welcome the exclusion of the junta leader. 

Yangon reported two public shootings by a group of unidentified gunmen today in two separate locations. The first was reported at a police outpost at the corner of Maha Bandoola Road and Botahtaung market around 5am this morning, reportedly killing and injuring around four regime soldiers. The second incident took place at the Bagayar junction in Sanchaung Township around 2pm, killing one and injuring another military lackey, according to residents. Mostly, the city residents are used to bombs exploding around them, and arbitrary shootings from the military soldiers. Shootings by resistance groups in downtown areas are rare occurrences, and today is a reminder for the military regime that they will never catch a break as long as they are breathing. 

A shooting and bomb explosion were also reported on the outskirts of Yangon today in Thanlyin and South Dagon townships. A regime soldier manning the security post in front of Thanlyin Technological University was shot dead around 7am this morning by an unknown gunman. In South Dagon township, an explosion attack against Ayarwon police station critically injured one member of the police force. An underground resistance group, ACPLF, claimed responsibility for the bomb attack. 

Resistance efforts which killed members of the regime lackeys are just not reported in Yangon—a shooting was reported in capital city, Naypyidaw last night; an explosion in Mandalay this morning, and a shootout between regime police and People’s Defense Force in Bago Region’s Phyu Township. The Nay Pyi Taw incident which occurred at Myanmar International Convention Center 2 and explosion at a football stadium, where the regime soldiers were stationed, critically injured two regime personnel each, and the 3am shootout in Phyu Township killed one police, PDF told RFA Burmese. 

Sagaing Region continued to be subjected to unnecessary violence by Min Aung Hlaing-led military forces today as well in Tanze and Khin-U townships. Kar Paung Kya village in Tanze Township was torched for the second time this morning by regime soldiers. Residents told DVB News that the soldiers were seen burning down about 10 residents’ houses. The regime troops have been stationed at the village monastery since October 17, and this is the ninth time that Kar Paung Kya village was raided, August 26 was the first time the troops committed arson attacks against the residents. In Khin-U township, four civilians were killed by regime soldiers and Pyu Saw Htee members on October 22 during a raid in Inn Pat and Ba-O villages. Residents told Khit Thit Media, six residents’ houses and cows were also torched and slaughtered in Inn Pat village during the raid. 

More arson attacks were also reported in Khin-U Township’s Ywar Thit village today. The houses of people, who fled from attending Pyu Saw Htee training, were torched by regime soldiers this morning, residents told Khit Thit Media. About 30 people are registered to attend the training, and around 20 are currently on the run so the regime forces torched at least six houses of the enrolled villagers. 

In ethnic clashes development, PDF-Pekhon updated today that a clash had broken out with the regime’s Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 336 in southern Shan State around 9pm on October 22. PDF-Pekhon said five soldiers were killed and their weapons were also seized. In Northern Shan State, the clashes between the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) and the regime troops in Hsenwi Township saw over 20 casualties on the regime side. MNDAA also reported that the guns and ammunition were also confiscated. In another region on the southeastern border, a total of 123 clashes with the regime troops were reported by the Karen National Union (KNU) between October 1 and 20. Within the 20 days, the regime saw 58 casualties on its end, including one lieutenant colonel and two captains, and 64 injuries. 

Karen National Union (KNU) also reported on October 22 that October 20th clashes in KNU-controlled regions killed eight junta soldiers, including a temporary battalion commander. On the regime side, the only thing its troops seem to probably know how to retaliate is with arson attacks, so staying true to its vicious ways, KNU security gate and residents houses in Thaton and Bilin township were torched by regime’s LIB 406 and Border Guard Force on the morning of October 21, DVB News reported today. 

Anti-coup and democracy movements continued across the country, especially in the tension-high Sagaing Region. Despite the pressures from the regime forces, the resilience of Sagaing Region’s residents will be remembered and celebrated by all of us, and we hope we all continue to aspire to be like them until the regime is dead. 

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