Freedom Memoirs – Day 284

Khit Thit Media reported that a first-year university student Ma Yun Lei Po was detained in Myo Thit police station by the junta forces in Magyeekonegyi village, Myo Thit township, Magway on the evening around 3pm on November 9. The soldiers arrested her under the suspicion of communicating with People’s Defense Forces (PDFs). Magway University Students Union Representative said that the 17-year-old student was arrested because of the military informants (Dalans). She was not the only unfortunate victim that was arrested without any concrete evidence. In Dawei Town of Tanintharyi Region, three innocent civilians namely Daw Than Ho, U Aung Ko Ko, and Ko Khine Htoo were also arrested without proper reason on the early morning of November 10. The woman was released later; however, two male victims have remained in custody.
In Thone-gwa Township of Yangon, teachers from Nyaung-nee village high schools who are not joining Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) are threatening the students’ parents to send their kids to school. A local spoke to Mizzima News that those teachers were giving an ultimatum to students’ parents that if students do not register for classes this year, they would not not be eligible to register for five more years. Scared of threats, the number of registrations for high school students have increased in that area. A teacher on CDM remarked that he wa highly critical of such antics from those lackeys who were serving as a pillar to support the administrative process of State Administration Council (SAC). A local from Nyaung-nee village said that over 20 teachers in Nyaung-nee village high schools are not participating in CDM.
We have previously reported that unemployment rate has increased, and the economy of Myanmar is at its lowest point since the coup. Due to the difficulty in seeking for job opportunities in Myanmar, majority of minimum-wage employees are planning to go abroad and find jobs. Local passport office has been massively crowded since they are re-opened in September, and this morning, some females queueing for entering the building even fainted due to the large crowd and hot weather. A youth at the passport office spoke to Khit Thit Media this morning that there was a long queue since early morning, and most people were applying for passports to find jobs in Thailand and Malaysia. Some people are queueing for different purposes such as selling their place at the price of 5,000 Myanmar Kyats. Such situations reflect the gloomy stage of economy in Myanmar, and how desperate people are willing to get out of Myanmar under the dictatorship.
For the last two months, we reported multiple cases of attacks on Mytel Telecommunication Towers, which is one of the major businesses owned by the military. Adding to the misery, Mytel is not the only business in which SAC has been hit badly. Myanmar Brewery’s profit has also fallen significantly lower in the third quarter of 2021 due to the successful boycott campaign by the people of Myanmar. According to Kirin Group financial statement, their profit is 49.4% lower in terms of Japanese Yen and 43.9% lower in terms of Myanmar Kyats compared to last year’s profits. Kirin added that the profit sharing between Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC) and Kirin is also temporarily suspended. In terms of operation, Myanmar Brewery company is facing difficulties in even sourcing beer barrels due to the sanctions too. Kirin announced in February that they’d stop their partnership with MEC for Myanmar Brewery and currently negotiating with MEC.
The Irrawaddy News reported that a bomb was thrown into Road Transportation Administration Department (RTAD) office in Pyigyitagon Township, Mandalay this morning. A resident nearby said that the blast was heard around 10 am, followed by multiple gunshots. No one has been arrested so far although some people inside RTAD office were injured. After the incident, police securities have tightened around the areas, and checking the people passing the area. This is the first time for bombing in Swaltaw RTAD, and there have been multiple incidents of bombings at another RTAD branch office on Theikpan Road in Mandalay.
Another clash was reported in Arakan State following a brief shootout on November 9. The battle between SAC’s troops and Arakan Army (AA) took place in Maungdaw Township, the northern part of Rakhine this morning around 11am. A local said that the shooting lasted for about 20 minutes and the area has been quiet since then. U Pe Than, a politician specialized in Rakhine politics, analyzed that the clashes could get worse if the negotiations between the military forces and AA could not be reached. After a year of ceasefire, Rakhine State has also started to witness the instability while it still has over 200,000 internally displaced people (IDP) during the previous two years of violence.
A shootout at a police training school was reported in Monywa Town of Saging Region as well. Back and forth firings around 5pm between joint local PDFs and junta’s troops killed one policeman. Detonation of landmines in Sagaing Region also saw at least 30 deaths from junta’s side between November 8 to November 10 in Yinmarbin Township. Regime soldiers retaliated by killing at least 6 civilians. A major battle took place in Demoso Township, Karenni State between junta’s soldiers and the joint forces of Karenni Army (KA) and Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF) today. KNDF said at least 20 of junta’s soldiers were killed while we lost one resistance fighter during the clash which lasted four hours from 1:50pm to 6pm.

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