Freedom Memoirs – Day 290

Last night, initial reports came to our social media that young people were arrested by junta soldiers in two separate places of Yangon. In Thingangyun Township around 9pm, junta soldiers raided an apartment and arrested young men who lived there. As they entered the house, soldiers opened fire and killed one man in the process, three others were arrested. Neighbours were told not to look at or else they’d be shot too. Again in South Okkalar Township, five young men were beaten up and arrested by junta soldiers on the same night. A witness told Khit Thit Media that the young men’s heads were blood-soaked due to the beatings by soldiers. The more attacks at the regime forces were carried out, the more resistance fighters were arrested. According to Khit Thit Media, about 20 young people have been arrested in North Dagon, South Okkalar, Thingangyun, and Tharketa townships these days, and their lives are at risk since they are now being tortured by junta soldiers in interrogation centers. 

Following up the arrests of eight female medic team from yesterday’s ambush at Kalay People Defense Force (PDF) outpost, photos of the detained women were spread on social media this morning. Kalay PDF confirmed that they were the members of their team. In addition, two male fighters were also detained at the incident, and rumours spread that they were killed by junta soldiers. However, Kalay PDF announced that they could not confirm it yet. Another Kalay based resistance force Ranger Kalay Defend Force (RKDF) vowed to take revenge and rescue fellow fighters. Fighting resumed today around 7am at the place where PDF medic team was arrested yesterday. Kalay PDF and Chin National Defense Force (CNDF) demanded for the release of fellow fighters; clash broke out as the regime side refused to do so. Regime’s reinforcement military convoy was also detonated with landmine this morning on Kalay-Gantgaw highway. 

In Chin State, Kanpatlat Township, three young men, who were detained by junta forces and used as human shield while travelling from Kanpatlat to Saw Township, escaped and took two guns from the regime soldiers around 4am this morning according to Mindat Chinland Defense Force (CDF). Two of them are from Kanpatlat Tumi Force and one is from Yaw PDF. This morning, locals said that the sounds of gunfires were heard near Saw-Kanchaung highway as the junta forces clashed with local resistance forces. 

In Shan State, regime forces raided a secret hideout where Mobye PDFs based in Mobye Town. The resistant fighters fought back for about an hour but had to retreat due to the imbalance forces. During the battle, one PDF was severely injured, and two received minor injuries. Since the incident took place in Mobye Town, civilians had to flee from their homes in the dark. Due to the indiscriminate shooting by the regime soldiers, at least 10 civilian houses were destroyed according to Mobye PDF’s announcement.

The regime’s arbitrary arrests haven’t slowed down a bit. In Bago Region, Htan Tapin Township, a man named Ko Thant Zin Aung was arrested by the regime soldiers on November 15 for no apparent reason. His family told Khit Thit media that his whereabout is unknown for the time being. Similarly in Dawei City of Taninthayi Region, regime soldiers came to arrest Ko Thiha Htwe at home on November 16. When he was not at home, regime soldiers forced Ko Thiha Htwe’s family members to telephone him and ask to turn himself in or otherwise, his family members would be taken as hostages. Because of such blackmail, Ko Thiha Htwe turned himself in, but the reason for arrest is unknown to the public. 

Regime’s lackeys are also targeted by the resistance forces, too. This morning around 9am, U Kyaw Min Oo, junta-appointed ward administrator from Ward 10 of Hlaing Tharyar Township, Yangon, was shot and killed. A local told Khit Thit Media that the man served as an informant for the junta soldiers in addition to his junta-appointed title. Again in Taikkyi Township, U Aung Kyaw Soe, chairperson of township YMBA which is a nationalist group, was shot yesterday and died at Mingalardon Military Hospital. Similarly in Myaing Township of Magway Region, school teacher Daw Soe Sandar Saw was killed on November 15, and Myaing PDF claimed responsibility as she was attending a Pyu Saw Htee military training.

Strange news came from Ponnagyun Township, Rakhine State that a shootout took place between junta soldiers from Light Infantry Battalion 550, killing one sergeant on the night of November 15. The 55 years old sergeant Ba Saw Chay quarrelled with soldier Zaw Yarzar Min during the drills command. Later on, the soldier Zaw Yarzar Min opened fire at the sergeant for five times, and killed him. Myanmar army’s hierarchical bullying procedure is notorious, and this kind of news only makes us hopeful for more and more cracks from within. 

The coup staged on February 1 is a complete failure as our country has turned into a chaos. Poverty and hunger is imminent while the armed resistance accelerates in many parts of the country. Still, non-violent marching protests are observed to this day. Residents from several townships in Sagaing Region, Taninthayi Region marched and showed their defiance against Min Aung Hlaing’s regime. Guerrilla protests were seen in cities like Mandalay, as well. In security tightened areas, anti-regime/anti-slave education banners were hang. In any possible way, people continue to resist the military regime.

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