Freedom Memoirs – Day 314

Silent Strike was not so silent inside the notorious Insein Prison yesterday. Last night, initial news came out that detainees had staged a protest inside Insein Prison, singing “Blood Oath” a famous protest song around 4pm, and as a result, striking detainees were beaten up by prison guards. DVB News reported that 89 detainees, including elderlies, who protested yesterday would be kept in solitary confinement.

All we did was staying silent yesterday, but our silence must have sounded so loud that regime soldiers could not stand it. In Yangon Region’s Twante Township, regime soldiers opened fire this morning and forced to shut down markets and vendors for participating in Silent Strike yesterday. A Twante local told Khit Thit Media that around 6am this morning, regime soldiers threatened to shoot if shop owners and vendors opened their stores, preventing them to enter the market as well. It was circulated in Twante that markets will be closed for the next seven days by the regime soldiers. Similarly in Taungtwingyi Township of Magway Region, markets were forcibly closed this morning, and soldiers threatened to ransack the shops. When they could not control the will of the people, they instead wrecked the livelihood of the people. It’s very typical of fascist military.

More on the Silent Strike related news, six civilians including two young women were arrested by the junta soldiers in Shwebo, Sagaing Region for taking part in the Silent Strike. Again in Nattlin Town of Bago Region, a young man named Ko Phoe Sai was shot and arrested by the regime soldier for filming with drone footage of the empty streets during the strike.

Unfortunate news came from Depayin Township of Sagaing Region today. Khit Thit media reported that six dead bodies of civilians were discovered in Nagatwin Village where the junta soldiers entered and left on December 10. Images of dead bodies, disclosed to Khit Thit, showed that villagers were violently murdered by the regime soldiers. Homes in the village were also raided and destroyed. Time and again, Min Aung Hlaing and his army have showed the world that violence is the only language that they understand.

Last night in Monywa, Sagaing Region, the regime forces planted explosions at the NLD’s Regional Office around 8pm, Khit Thit Media reported. According to an official from NLD office, two military trucks pulled over at the office, carrying out indiscriminate shooting, and throwing two bombs inside. Prior to this, the NLD office was raided by regime soldiers for three times after the coup. We can only wonder when the military will know that this revolution is the people of Myanmar against the fascist military regime, and it’s no longer NLD vs military.

Myanmar Now media reported yesterday that 26-year-old Christian pastor Salai Ngwe Kyar was detained by regime soldiers on December 6, accusing him of associating with people defense forces (PDF). The pastor was taken to Sidoktaya Township, Magway Region, and then later sent to an interrogation center. However, on December 8, his family was informed that he passed away, and the body is yet to be collected for the time being. A man close to the pastor said that he was a very calm and nice person who always helped the community, and that it was beyond cruel of the regime soldiers to commit arbitrary arrests and extrajudicial killings of innocent civilians.

After showing our defiance with Silent Strike yesterday, protesters once again took to the street to continue the peaceful demonstrations against the regime. Today, protests were observed in downtown Yangon, Monywa, Kalay, Shwebo, Yinmabin and Hpakant townships just to name a few. In other news, National Unity Government (NUG) announced today that it has officially approved trading of stablecoin USD Tether (USDT) in order to smoothen the trade and payment systems in the country; in other words, to prevent our bank accounts being frozen by the regime. It is anticipated that donations to NUG, PDF and tax payments shall be made using such technology in very near future. As usual with ultimate dedication to demolish military regime, Myanmar people flock to download the popular finance apps and starting learning about USDT.

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