Freedom Memoirs – Day 316

Day 316, and the junta still follows the same pattern of violations of human rights and crimes. This morning, Mandalay Chief Minister, Dr. Zaw Myint Maung was scheduled to testify as defense witness in the trial of State Counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi at the Naypyidaw court. However, he was not allowed to travel to Naypyidaw from Mandalay’s OBO prison although he was accepted as a witness by the judge in November, BBC Burmese reported. Nothing stops the regime forces to continue violating human rights and dignities. More than 90 political prisoners who participated in the nationwide Silent Strike on December 10 were reported to be punished for their act of defiance. The prison rules became stricter, and those participating were beaten and isolated in solitary confinement. Political prisoners were reported to be not only beaten by the prison guards, but also by other criminals according to the family members who told Khit Thit media.
Mizzima reported today that an alliance of four People Defense Forces (PDF) yesterday launched attacks on the junta’s forces who had been stationed in the school compound. The groups were based in Myingyan, Mandalay, and their attacks led to the deaths of four regime soldiers and one pro-military Pyu Saw Htee’s member. In North Dagon, Yangon, the State Administration Council’s appointed hundred-household administrator was shot dead today. He was notorious for having many young people arrested in the area. This incident led to the regime’s forces arbitrarily arresting two youth who live in the neighborhood without any evidence that they were responsible for the attack. Similarly, in Shan-north, Kyaukme Township, two young men who were arbitrarily arrested for a bomb blast, have been tortured by the regime forces to an extent that their lives are in danger. According to the neighbors from where two young men were arrested, they were merely daily wage workers for a construction site nearby.
Last night in Mandalay, Khit Thit media reported that two PDF members were killed and three members were arrested by the regime forces. Netizens from the area responded differently to the SAC’s media announcement of capturing seven PDF members dead. Netizens say only two were PDF members and the rest were innocent civilians from the neighborhood. One PDF member’s elderly mother was also arrested after the information was given up by the detained PDF member who had been severely tortured in the junta’s notorious interrogation center. It was also reported the regime’s soldiers raided nearby houses and looted valuables. In relation to that, PDF warns the public to take cautions as the regime’s soldiers continue with arresting anyone in their sight, conveniently accusing them as PDF members/supporters to use an excuse for their crimes.
Again, today it is reported that the regime forces looted properties and valuable items and raided houses in Sagaing’s Depayin Township and Satpyarkyin villages. They also beat and tortured one villager severely whereas another woman was injured in her arm with a gunshot, and with one man missing. Several villages where the regime’s forces had raided have been suffering from incomprehensible atrocities committed by the soldiers. In Ayadaw Township’s Kaebar village, more than 100 households were set ablaze by the soldiers after they looted properties and killed and consumed livestock of the villagers. People have left the villages and been on the run. In Tanintharyi township’s Pulaw, CDM participant township-level vice-education administrator and two young women close by were rammed into by a car driven by the member of pro-military Union Solidarity Development Party (USDP).
Things are escalating on the side of the anti-coup movement on the other hand. Defections and assassinations grow nevertheless. Police Sergeant from Shan State, U Nay Lin Aung, has defected and joined the Karenni Democratic Front (KNDF) today and KNDF has welcomed him to fight the junta together. In Mandaly’s market, two plain-clothed soldiers were shot by People Guerrilla Commando Mandalay, one of them died on the spot. A similar case was witnessed in Taungdwingyi market, Magway, where a Sergeant was shot to death this afternoon while shopping. In Sagaing’s Ye-U Township, PDF launched attacks on the police station, Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) office and administration offices which led to four soldiers’ deaths. Similar attacks were launched in Mandalay and Magway townships where four soldiers died in Mandalay with zero casualties reported in Magway. This was retaliation to the regime’s forces committing violence against the vendors who participated in the Silent Strike.
According to Kani PDF, a ship which was attacked with detonated mines by the local people’s defense forces has been seen slowly sinking today in Chindwin River in Sagaing’s Kani region. The ship was reported to be guarding other transport ferries carrying valuable jade. More than 20 casualties were assumed from this attack. Similarly, in the same region, a troop of 50 soldiers traveling from Yinmarbin to Pale townships was attacked with detonated mines. Around 30 casualties were reported in this attack. The clashes between ethnic insurgent groups, Kokang’s Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) and the regime forces have also escalated in Shan-North’s Monekoe district.

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