Freedom Memoirs – Day 324

Another mass killing was reported from Gantgaw Township of Magway Region today. We have previously reported about Hnan Kha Village which suffered airstrikes from the regime forces on December 17 where they attacked the meeting of resistance forces. That day, regime’s choppers transported some 80 troops to Hnan Kha Village, a witness told Mizzima News. These regime troops entered and stationed at the village for about two days, causing villagers flee their homes. Upon their departure on December 19, resistance fighters found nine dead bodies of villages, including two underage children. Inspecting the deceased, hands were tied at the back of each person and bullet wounds were found on victims’ heads. The resistance fighter Ko De Mon analysed that the killing was deliberate, and he also said that majority of the deceased were not resistance fighters, but merely local farmers who were harvesting when regime soldiers came with choppers.

More on the news of aerial attacks, Khit Thit Media reported today that regime forces used excessive forces, including fighter jets while clashing with Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) in Mong Ko Town of Shan State. What makes the news interesting is that regime’s fighter jets dropped bombs on its own troops. In the aftermath of the clashes on December 19, nearly 100 junta soldiers were killed and weapons were seized by the MNDAA. Due to severe defeat, Khit Thit’s source from Naypyidaw said that investigations will be conducted within the military for wrongful airstrikes. The source also said that frequent meetings, where coup leader Min Aung Hlaing attended, were held in Naypyidaw discussing multiple warfronts opened in Shan and Karen states.

Speaking of Karen State, local news outlet Salween Press reported today that regime’s airplane was flying over Papun Township where Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) Brigade 5 controlled. This evening, Karen National Union (KNU) warned a high possibility of airstrike by regime forces’ on Lay Kay Kaw Town, which will cause further damages and destructions on unarmed civilians. In its statement, the ethnic armed group urged the United Nations to declare “No Fly Zone” on the area. Additionally, KNU thanked the government of Thailand for providing shelters for some 3000 displaced people, and further requested international organisations to assist war victims and displaced people.

Moving to central region, battles have taken place at the border of Chin State and Magway Region in the past five days, Khit Thit Media reported. The combined forces of Chinland Defense Force (CDF) and Yaw Defense Force (YDF) clashed against regime forces, killing two from the regime side and injuring one from CDF, according to CDF Mindat. Fightings broke out as regime forces tried to enter Mindat Town to carry out “clearance operation”. Due to frequent detonations at military convoys, the troops now used different routes which created difficulties for resistance fighters to launch attacks. So far, the CDF has been conducting ambush and guerrilla attacks at the regime forces.

When conflicts took place in rural areas and ethnic regions, resistance fighters in big cities are also doing their parts. Around 7.30am this morning, a young man threw a bag which contained explosives inside a security post near Yangon International Airport, causing a blast. Burma VJ news reported that regime forces chased the young man and opened fire at him. According to a local witness, he died on the spot. May he rest in power.

In Pathein City, Ayeyarwaddy Region, police forces from Pathein Police Station killed a 60-year-old woman in her own home on December 19. Initially, police forces came to Daw Ma Htay’s house in search for her son-in-law, and she talked to the police forces in front of her home. While talking, one of the police shot her at the neck from close range, killing her instantly, and then entered the house and arrested the son-in-law, a local told Mizzima News. The lawlessness of so-called “law enforcement forces” is out of control, ending the lives of unarmed civilians at their will.

Millions of Myanmar people believe that both armed resistance and non-violent protests are required in this revolution. Hence, protests are still seen in various parts of the country. Today, guerrilla protesters from Yangon took to the street in defiance against the fascist military regime while Mandalay City also boasted a marching rally joined by interfaith communities. Residents of Yinmabin Township in Sagaing Region protested both day and night, marching in daytime and banging pots at nighttime. Continued protests keep igniting the revolution spirit among the people of Myanmar.

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