Freedom Memoirs – Day 337

Year 2022 started with raging war all over the country. Yesterday, a clash broke out between junta forces and local defense forces in Tigyaing Township. As usual, regime forces launched artillery shelling from a navy boat in Ayeyarwaddy River to nearby villages, burning civilians homes. The shelling hit a 20-year-old young man in the head and killed him instantly, and another man was wounded on the leg. Local defense force announced that it managed to attack the navy boat two times in Tigyaing Township. Sagaing Region continued to witness the regime soldiers’ horrendous activities. In Monywa City, six youths were arrested by the junta soldiers on the night of New Year Eve. On January 2, one of the detainees Ko Arkar Phyo, a local performer, died during the interrogation and his family was informed to collect dead body.

Today, battles broke out in Min Lat Pan and Phalu Gyi villages of Myawaddy Township in Kayin State entire day. Regime forces began the clash with offensive attack around 9am, and the joint forces of Karen EAOs defended the attack. About 200 troops were reinforced and regime forces used artillery shelling to DKBA control areas in Phalu Lay. A local on the ground told Khit Thit media that the fighting was intense, and it continued throughout the day. Details of the clash is yet to be disclosed.

In southern part of Chin State, regime forces have deployed more troops in the name of security according to the spokesperson of Chin National Front (CNF). Salai Htet Ni told DVB News today that about 150 troops were deployed to Palatwa and Matupi townships, and this reinforcement came after the visit of Indian Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla in late December. During the visit, Indian Foreign Secretary discussed to resume the Kaladan Multi-Modal Transport project with the coup leader, hence, the reinforcement troops were deployed for the security reason. Salai Htet Ni said that the resistance forces have drawn up a plan when the regime forces come to continue the project.

While resistance fighters in ethnic and rural areas are hard at work, guerrilla fighters in cities do not take a break either. Last night around 8pm, resistance fighters from MIYDF launched an attack against No. 18 Ward Administration Office in Shwepyitha Township, Yangon, where they opened fire and threw a grenade inside the office. MIYDF later released that the attack killed four members of ward administration team, and severely injured two regime soldiers. A local told Khit Thit Media that residents of Ward 18 were happy with the attack since the ward administration team, led by the deceased administrator Tin Sein, had been giving hard times to the residents by joining forces with regime soldiers. 

Following the story of a flight from Iran on December 30, Myanmar Sentiment, an independent newsstand, reported that 12 Iranians visited Naypyidaw for one day trip, and stayed at a hotel in Naypyidaw, which was known to be a regular spot for the coup leaders and their lackeys. The visitors from Iran arrived in Naypyidaw around 7.30am, and by 7pm, they had left the country. Yesterday, The Irrawaddy news reported that the flight dropped military equipment in Naypyidaw airport. Things are getting more and more suspicious with this visit. 

In other news, regime’s attack on journalism hasn’t slowed down a bit. Today, Khit Thit Media announced that the regime has pressed charges against Khit Thit editors U Tha Lun Zaung Htet and U Kan Zaw with Article 124A of the Penal Code which criminalises sedition, and carries a prison term of up to 20 years. After opening of the case at Yangon Western District Court, regime soldiers searched at locations where the editors previously stayed with arrest warrants on January 3. On March 8, Min Aung Hlaing’s regime revoked the publishing license of Khit Thit Media, but it continues reporting news stories for months. In its announcement, Khit Thit Team vowed to stand with the people of Myanmar and to accelerate its reporting. 

We have no idea how Min Aung Hlaing sleeps at night because people continues to reject his rule in any form — from armed resistance to peaceful protests. Today, protests were observed in several areas of the country with the protest banners which read, “We have freed ourselves from colonial slaves, Now let’s free ourselves from military slaves.” Rallies were seen in Kalay and Yinmabin townships of Sagaing Region, Sein Pan Ward of Mandalay City, Kanpauk area in Dawei District of Tanintharyi Region to name a few.

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