Freedom Memoirs – Day 344

DVB news reported that approximately 30 domestic job agencies have stopped their operations in the country according to the Ministry of Labour. Many Japanese businesses are also planning to scale down their businesses and even stop their operations inside the country if the situation continues to deteriorate. Moreover, in less than a year of staging a coup by the military, food security has become a very concerning issue in Myanmar, World Food Programme reported. 
State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi today was sentenced to four years in prison by the SAC-run court. She was sentenced to two years in prison for possessing an unlicensed walkie-talkie, and two years for breaching coronavirus restriction as charged by the military. Aung San Suu Kyi denied all the politically motivated charges. Dr. Aye Zan, chief minister of Mon State, also denied corruption charges made against him in the court in Mon State today. The only logical purpose of the controversial trip made by the head of Cambodia, Premier Hun Sen was reported today too. He asked the murderer-in-chief Min Aung Hlaing to release the Australian economist, Dr. Sean Turnell, who was arrested in February. 
The Ministry of Defense of the National Unity Government (NUG) reported that around 102 casualties of junta’s soldiers were reported during the morning of January 9 alone, and it might be more on the ground. The PDF also captured four junta’s soldiers alive. DVB news reported casualties of more than 2377 junta’s soldiers within four months of the declaration of the defensive war made by the NUG in September. In Sagaing’s Ye-U township, a military convoy of 50 soldiers was attacked by People Defense Force (PDF) named Area-21 Network leading to the deaths of 10. Khit Thit media also reported deaths of junta’s soldiers attacked by detonated mines by the Kanbalu Underground Warriors today.
More assassinations of pro-junta members have been reported. In Karen State’s capital, Hpa-An Township, the junta-run security checkpoint was attacked by an unknown private vehicle that killed a member of Border Guard Force (BGF), and two police. A bomb explosion at the Hpa-An’s Development Affairs Office (DAO) was also reported killing one person though the identity of the person killed was unverified, Khit Thit media reported. Bomb explosions were also reported in Yangon’s Tharketa and North-Okkalapa township this afternoon though no injuries was reported. Not only were they being attacked by the defense forces, but also the soldiers were killing each other. DVB news reported that two junta’s soldiers got into a fight and ended up shooting each other in PaungDe Township, Magway. There were reports of some injuries but no details have been disclosed. 
Violence against innocent civilians continues by the junta’s maniacs. Many in Myanmar have become displaced with the junta waging wars against the civilians. Villagers of YaylalKyun of Yesagyo Township of Magway region are fleeing from homes as they were surrounded by the junta’s troops. More than 4000 civilians from Myaing Township of Magway are also fleeing from homes since January 9 due to increasing offensive attacks from the junta. In Sagaing’s Katha District’s Tigyaing Township, many have been digging bomb shelters. In Lay Kay Kaw and Mal Htaw Tha Lay where fights have been intense, the soldiers were seen looting and stealing properties from homes unoccupied as many have fled to the Thai-Burma border areas. In Yangon’s Kyimyindaing township, Two youths were shot for no apparent reason and one was reported to be dead according to the witness. 
Airstrikes have been more and more frequent as the junta’s troops are losing their ground combat. Almost all of the residents in Loikaw, Karenni State, have left the war-torn town with more than 12 aerial attacks by the junta, and many elderly displaced persons have been suffering from the cold weather, DVB reported. In Nanmalkhone township of Karenni State, two civilians died from heart attacks last night after their home was attacked by the junta’s heavy artillery. In Loikaw, a 55-year-old woman was killed by another heavy artillery. More are expected to run with continued firing of heavy artillery from the junta. Again today around 1pm, the military used aircraft in the clashes against the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) near Kawkareik Township, Karen State. Onn-Nauk village of Pale Township, Sagaing, also suffered from junta’s aerial attacks today at 11am.
Many are calling for a ‘No Airstrike Campaign’ to the international community to demand the junta to stop using aerial attacks on civilians. People’s Radio Myanmar urges Myanmar people to join the social media campaign using #Noairstrike #saveMyanmar #Whatshappeninginmyanmar that will fall on January 11. And as usual, protests continue in certain parts across the country such as Yangon, Mandaly, Yinmarpin, Sarlingyi, Shwebo, Kalay, Monywa and etc…

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