Freedom Memoirs – Day 346

In Sagaing Region, regime’s forces have surrounded Ohmnauk Village of Pale Township since January 10, committing arbitrary arrests and murders of civilians. Because a leader of local people defense force (PDF) in the area called Bo Nagar (Captain Dragon) has gotten popular due to his accomplishments against them in battlefields, junta’s soldiers have planned to block each village in the region until they get him. At least three military choppers were reportedly used in the operation to demolish Bo Nagar and his forces on January 10. Bo Nagar has escaped to safety; however, regime’s troops have abducted about 70 villagers and killed at least eight as they conducted “interrogation” according to Mizzima.

Bo Nagar has appeared twice on social media since the incident and has addressed the public of his safety (he said he has been traveling in Chin State) and called for the participation of everyone in this revolution. He said that he was also an ordinary man until the coup and drove himself to become a resistance fighter to defy against military junta; however, the fight for democracy will not be won based on individual’s achievements so everyone must step up and take charge. 

In Magway Region’s Myaing Township, junta’s forces have reportedly abducted about 50 internally displaced persons (IDPs) and used them as human shields, according to Khit Thit Media. Due to the battles between local PDF and regime’s troops, the residents of Latyatma Village have left their homes and taken shelter in the local monastery thinking they would not be attacked inside a religious compound on January 11. Later in the afternoon, junta’s troops led by Dalans (informers) arrived at the monastery, abducting and beating abled men, women and children around the age of 13-14. And today on January 12, about 50 detainees have been forced to put on military uniforms and lead the way as human shields from detonation attacks of PDF. As of writing this, there is no more news on the detainees. 

More on battle news, the joint army of junta’s soldiers and border guard forces (BGF) have raided Bo Salone Station of Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) in Myawaddy Township of Karen State this evening. The battle has begun at 5pm and gone over 2 hour in which junta’s side have deployed excessive forces and used heavy artilleries. A witness told Khit Thit that the clash was so intense it sounded like heavy rain in the area. Political analysts speculate that Min Aung Hlaing might be planning to occupy all outposts and stations belong to DKBA and Karen Nationality Liberation Army (KNLA) on the border of Thailand and Myanmar so as to cut off supplies from outside. Bo Salone Station is located on the bank of Moei River, a tributary of the Salween. 

Myanmar Pressphoto Agency today shared pictures of military training graduation conducted by Free Burma Ranger. The ceremony was held on January 3 and it was the very first training which consisted of Bamar ethnic among trainees. Free Burma Rangers led by an ex-member of US Special Forces, Dave Eubank, was established in 1997 and has provided direct relief to communities most affected by the results of the military’s oppression. In addition to Bamar, Karen, Kachin, Shan ethnics have also joined the training. 

Explosions and gun fires were reported in Yangon and Mandalay today. Gunshots were heard in Yangon’s North Dagon Township around 2pm and following the incident, police and soldiers were seen conducting thorough inspections on vehicles and people nearby. Shortly after, an explosion also took place near Pyidaungsu Park in Thuwanna Township although no casualty was reported. In Mandalay, a grenade was thrown inside a police station in Aungmyethazan Township around 8am this morning. One soldier was killed and another was injured by the attack. 

Regarding the latest four-year-imprisonment of the State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi by junta’s court, the European Union (EU)’s spokesperson released a statement yesterday that, “the trial was politically motivated” and “These proceedings are a clear attempt to exclude democratically elected leaders, including Aung San Suu Kyi and the National League for Democracy, from the inclusive dialogue process called for by ASEAN’s Five Point Consensus.” It was concluded by “urgent call for the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners as well as all those arbitrarily detained since the coup”. 

In the meantime, Min Aung Hlaing has sped up efforts to tie more concrete accusations around the public’s leaders. Myanmar Now reported today that members of Union Election Committee (UEC) of 2020 Election have been threatened to sign a letter that says they committed voting frauds during the election. There are 400 UEC members across the country and the majority of them have either been put in jail or forced to comply with such distortion since the coup. Ironically, the 2020 election was declared  “free and fair” by local and international independent election observer groups and a rare fraud recorded was committed by the representative of United Solitary Development Party (USDP), military proxy party who brought phony UEC stamps into the poll station in Mandalay Region.

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