Weekly Update: 037

Folks, on the night we shared our last weekly update, the regime attacked a music concert in Anang Pa Village in Hpakant Township, killing at least 60 people, and the aftermath of the incident continued to disrupt the villagers’ lives to this day. On the international front, the ASEAN held a special meeting on Myanmar, but the military regime warned that meetings held without their representatives would be counterproductive. Read all about it in our weekly update.

Internal Politics

  • Aerial attack at Anang Pa and its aftermath

On October 23, the military launched an airstrike at a music concert celebrated commemorating the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO)’s 62nd anniversary. The aerial attack took place at Anang Pa Village, Hpakant Township, and killed about 60 people including civilians and local celebrities. The next day, General N’Bang La of the KIO announced in his commemoration speech that the KIO would shift politically and militarily with new strategies to uproot Min Aung Hlaing’s regime which has been bullying civilians. Acting on brand, the military council threatened locals from Anang Pa Village not to treat civilians who were injured from the airstrike. 

  • Children who survived Letyetkone Massacres Forced to Comply in Junta’s Propaganda

The NUG’s press officer Nay Phone Latt told Myanmar Now on October 28 that two 15-year-old children who survived the Letyetkone mass killing in September were forced to read out false testimonies while they were filmed. The Myanmar Now’s news report also shared the script that the children had to read on camera which included information such as PDF members living in the civilian villages, shootouts, and the regime soldiers providing medical care to injured civilians. A resident of Letyetkone said that the military’s account was “full of lies”.

  • More than 700 acres of land, lived and owned by the Rohingya, are now officially transferred to the BGF

Myanmar Now reported on October 25 that more than 700 acres of land in Buthidaung and Maungdaw townships, lived and owned by the Rohingya people, the same land they were forced to flee in 2017, is soon to be handed over to the regime-controlled No. 1 Border Guard Police Division Office. Two years ago, the NLD government ordered a regional directive which prevented this land from being used. According to the documents received by Myanmar Now, Major-General Soe Tint Naing, junta-appointed deputy minister of home affairs, requested to repeal the abovementioned directive to the permanent secretary of the Union Government Office Zaw Than Thin in September. The request was approved by the permanent secretary on October 8, allowing the military regime to reverse the NLD government’s effort to prevent the illegal occupation of the land belonging to the Rohingya people. 

  • The regime detained civilians in Rakhine State for allegedly associating with the AA

About 50 civilians including civil servants from the General Administrative Department of Rakhine State are detained and pressed charges for allegedly associating with the Arakan Army (AA). The cases are reported in Thandwe, Taungup, Yanbye, and Kyauk Phyu townships, and the individuals are being charged with Associating with Unlawful Organization Act 17(A), and Penal Code 505A for incitement. 

  • KNU said there is no peace process under the regime

The Karen National Union (KNU)’s spokesperson Padoh Saw Taw Nee released a video message and said that the peace process is destroyed since the day the military staged the coup. He said that the ethnic armed group agreed that Myanmar’s current situation should be resolved with political approaches, yet, the KNU reiterates that the military must leave the politics for good, no impunity will be imposed, and the military must be held accountable for its crimes against the civilians. Padoh Saw Taw Nee also highlighted the need for a new constitution for the 2008 constitution is no longer valid. 

International Affairs

  • ASEAN leaders convened a special meeting for Myanmar

On October 27, ASEAN foreign ministers gathered in Jakarta, Indonesia to discuss the implementation of the five-point consensus. A non-political representative from Myanmar was invited to the special meeting. To the efforts that ASEAN leaders have put in bringing peace to Myanmar, the military regime responded by threatening that the efforts will be counterproductive unless the ASEAN invited a representative from the regime. In the military’s statement on the day of the meeting, it blamed the armed resistance movement for the ongoing instability in the country. 

  • Malaysian FM backs the NUG at the ASEAN Special Meeting

Malaysian Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah urged the ASEAN to engage with the NUG and the National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC) through dialogues. He also raised that the 10-member bloc should consider the Inclusive Humanitarian Donor Forum proposed by the NUG to improve humanitarian efforts, according to the statement released by his office on October 29. Mr Saifuddin Abdullah has shown support for the NUG and has frequently and publicly raised his concerns about Myanmar. 

  • UN expert called on the international community for a “leadership vacuum”

UN’s special rapporteur to Myanmar Tom Andrews briefed at the UN General Assembly Human Rights on October 29 that the international community should approach the Myanmar situation the way it approached the Ukraine-Russia situation, which is a coalition of UN member states and their collective sanctions and arms embargos. He also raised that the type of weapons which were found in Ukraine are being used in Myanmar as well and that the international community including the UN showed no leadership in Myanmar’s situation. Russia’s Deputy UN Ambassador Gennady Kuzmin, offended by the mention of Russian weapons, responded to Mr Andrew by saying “You have been appointed the Special Rapporteur on Myanmar, so deal with Myanmar instead of Ukraine”. 

  • Myanmar commander from special operation met with Bangladesh army chief

Lieutenant-General Phone Myat, the regime’s special operation commander, visited Dhaka and met Bangladesh’s army chief General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed on October 27. According to the statement released by the Bangladesh side, the pair discussed improving military relations and shared training exchanges. Myanmar’s military commander also explained the situation in the country and how the military regime was attempting to maintain law and order by working closely with “friendly countries”.

Business Matters

  • Fraud of money occurred with fake Joom software 

More than 19,000 people all over Myanmar have been defrauded by fake Joom application software. When the number of members increased, they couldn’t withdraw money and then found out it was all fraud. They were scammed for tens of thousands of kyats.

  • Toyota pick-up cars manufactured in Myanmar called relatively expensive

Car trading businessmen spoke to DVB that Toyota cars that are being manufactured with Semi Knock Down (SKD) system in Myanmar cost twice more expensive as those assembled in Thailand. Toyota car company reported to Thilawa Special Economic Zone (SEZ) authorities to begin their car manufacturing activities in late August. One car dealer said that it costs less than 100 million Myanmar Kyats (approx. 3333 USD) to buy a similar brand in Thailand. According to the statement released by Toyota back in 2019 May, Toyota planned to manufacture 2,500 business-use pick-up cars worth 52.6 million USD. 

  • Myanmar gold price fell down

Gold traders said that the price of gold has fallen down about 2 lakhs (approx.. 66 USD) although it has gone up significantly in the past few days. After FATF blacklisted Myanmar on October 21st, the price of local gold raised up to 28 lakhs per tical. However, the price becomes stabilized, and transactions are happening at around 26.7 lakhs. One gold businessman spoke to DVB that after FATF blacklisted Myanmar, the price of gold increased up to 28 lakhs as the demand was very high during that time. However, it was just temporary, and the price decreased a little bit after a few days. According to the statement released Myanmar Gold Businessmen Association on October 25th, the world’s gold price for one ounce of gold is 1645 USD and the local gold referenced price is 1,938,000 Myanmar Kyats based on the currency exchange rate of 1 USD = 2100 Myanmar Kyats by Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM).  However, the market price of 27 lakhs reflects the actual currency exchange rate which is about 1 USD = 3100 Myanmar Kyats. 

Protest & Fundraising

  • Protests condemning junta’s Anang Pa airstrike

Protests in solidarity with the victims of the Junta’s Anang Pa Airstrike were held in Sagaing, Monywa, Kalay, Chin Dwin, and Yinmabin regions. Demonstrators held Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) flags, NLD flags and banners reading: “Let’s turn the grief for A Nang Pa into a force to speed up the revolution”. On October 29, residents of Yinmabin Township in Sagaing also held a candlelight vigil for the victims. 

  • A resistance movie watched by a large number of people in Australia 

October 27: A resistance movie directed by the director Ko Pauk, which is being screened in Melbourne, Australia, has been watched by a large number of people.

  • All land plots in Royal Spring Project sold out

The End of Dictatorship (EOD) announced that all land plots in Bahan Township from the Royal Spring project have been sold. It seems that all planned 40×60 feet and 60×80 feet plots in the phase 2 of Spring Yangon Investment Phase II in Bahan Township were in high demand and got sold out. The project includes 120 plots that cost USD 28,800 each and 40 plots that cost USD 54,000 each. There are still remaining land plots available for the Spring Victory project in South Dagon township and plots in Spring Mandalay, and people can buy these lands to support the revolution. EOD said that it honored the civilians that have been greatly contributing financially during such a hard time in the revolution. All the lands that are included in the Royal Spring project are those that had been seized and exploited by the military for its own financial gain. 

Arbitrary Arrests, Killings & Violence

  • Gems merchant killed, millions worth of products robbed by military in Mandalay

On the evening of October 22 around 10.30 pm, Min Aung Hlaing’s military soldiers and policeman opened fire on a car on the corner of 35th and 73rd streets in Mandalay for not immediately stopping at their signal, killing the man behind the wheels on the spot. The victim was shortly identified as U Sein Win, a prominent gems merchant, and businessman. His remaining family was only invited to view the dead body and not allowed to organize a funeral on their own as the military and police officers cremated the body. His family claimed that there were various gems and jewels worth thousands of USD on board when the 65-year-old man was brutally gunned down and such items were not returned to them. Military soldiers and policemen have blamed each other for the loss of valuables, yet there was no trace.  

  • SAC conducted drone attack on school in Butheedaung tsp, Sagaing Region

On October 23, the State Administration Council (SAC) reportedly conducted a drone attack on the school in Phoekhaungchaung Village, south of Butheedaung Township, Rakhine State. The afternoon attack injured at least three civilians who were working in the school named 75-year-old Karlu, 25-year-old Marmauk Ananwa and 17-year-old Phyo Than Chay. According to the news, the school has been used as a temporary camp for Rohingya and displaced people. In addition to that, the junta’s soldiers abducted about twenty civilians in Butheedaung market on the same afternoon. The detainees included workers, sailors, taxi drivers and some shoppers too. It’s unknown why they were detained but it’s frequent SAC conducted such raids and arrests on suspicions of associating with the Arakan Army (AA).

  • IDP camp hit by regime’s artillery, husband killed, wife and son injured in Loikaw tsp, Karenni State

On the evening of October 23, the junta’s military hit artillery toward an Internally Displaced Persons Camp (IDP) near Konetha Village, Loikaw Township, Karenni (Kayah) Region. Due to the fire, a 35-year-old husband was killed and his 33-year-old wife was severely injured in the head and now in critical situation. Their 8-year-old son was also hurt in the leg. The regime has been conducting similar attacks on the civilians’ housings and camps almost everyday and back on September 27, a woman was killed by artillery in the same village.

  • Hundred people detained and tortured by SAC soldiers in Natmauk tsp, Magway Region

Local sources said that it’s been over ten days now that over 100 detainees have been subject to torture by the regime soldiers in Natmauk Township, Magway Region. The incident has taken place in Phatthawyay Village, where PDF attacked and killed four policemen on October 16. Junta’s soldiers immediately arrived on the scene, abducting about 150 people and interrogating about two guns that PDF members got a hold of. In addition, people’s belongings such as motorbikes and phones were seized, and at least 10 houses were also burned down.

  • Seventeen dead bodies found in Pale tsp, Sagaing Region after military’s airstrike

Locals found at least 17 dead bodies in Palanpin Village, west of Pale Township, Sagaing Region following a continuous airstrike and ground clearance mission on the PDF station commencing October 25. The regime’s forces reportedly attacked from the sky once they located the PDF station in Palanpin Village for three days in a row followed by an intense ground operation. The dead bodies had signs of severe torture and included three civilians, ten convicts held in the station and four PDF members. One of the victims was a grade-8 student who happened to run into the soldiers as they marched into the station.

  • Woman killed by SAC’s artillery in Banmaw, Kachin State

On the afternoon of October 26, military forces located a few miles east of Banmaw Town, fired at least 20 pieces of artillery into the neighborhood. One of those hit the 40-year-old Daw Than Htay from Mankon Village and killed her on the spot. Similarly, artillery hit by the military fell in the civilians’ neighborhood in Kharnan Ward, clash-filled Moemauk, destroying schools and houses. At least 200 civilians have been displaced in Moemauk and in need of food, according to local sources.

Armed Resistance

  • Mingin-based PDF requested funding to purchase AK-47

Mingin-based PDF named Golden Triangle Force released a video in which the members requested MMK 15,000,000 (approx. USD 5,000) to purchase an AK-47 to strengthen their force. They added that they have been using handmade guns to protect the people against the regime soldiers for more than a year. The force is made up of 200 troops and lost two men to detonation in March 2022. To help them, they left the phone number +95(0)9-53907530.

  • Regime soldiers ambushed by AA in Yathaytaung tsp, Rakhine State

On the evening of October 26, regime soldiers who were on their way for a bath were targeted by the Arakan Army (AA) near Kyainkhalein Village on Angumaw-Maungdaw Road in Yathaytaung Township, Rakhine State. AA soldiers fired artillery toward the regime’s forces and it led to back-and-forth firings. Casualties were speculated but there was no verified report.

  • Police station attacked in Kyarinseikkyi tsp, Karen State

A coalition of resistance forces led by Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) mounted an assault on the police station of Kyaikdo Town, Kyarinseikkyi Township, Karen State on October 28 around 9.30 pm. The clash lasted 10 minutes and killed two members of the police station while the resistance forces suffered no casualties. Many arsenals such as grenades, bombs, communication machines, rockets were said to be seized.

  • Four houses destroyed by regime’s firing during clash in Myeik, Tanintharyi Region

On the evening of October 29, the regime soldiers clashed with Southern Warriors Defense Force (SWDF) in Nyaungpinkwin Village, Tanintharyi Township. Back-and-forth firings lasted two hours and both sides suffered casualties. One man from each counterpart was injured. Due to the heavy artillery fired by the regime’s side, at least four houses were destroyed. Reinforcement for the military is believed to be on the way and at least 400 civilians have fled to safety.

  • Township police station attacked by PDF, ten policemen killed in Nyaung-U tsp, Mandalay Region

On the evening of October 29, local guerilla forces conducted a surprise attack on the Ngathayout Township’s police station in Nyaung-U Township, Mandalay Region. The 45-minute-long battle saw the deaths of at least ten policemen including the police chief and multiple weapons were also seized. Sadly, one ranger, the second in command was also killed during the clash. He was Wai Phyo @ Win Ko Shein, just aged 21, a first-year student at Agriscience University of Mandalay Region before the coup took place.

Attacks on the Junta’s Lackeys & Properties

  • Attacks took place in Shwepyitha tsp, Yangon

On the evening of October 24, at least two assaults on the junta’s lackeys took place in Shwepyitha tsp, Yangon. Around 4 pm on that day, the ward administration office was attacked in which the administrator U Myo Min Than was injured in the leg and his wife, the office clerk, was killed by a bullet in the chest. A few hours later, another attack, this time with a grenade, took place on the house, located corner of Bayintnaung and Taw Win roads where the police and soldiers resell the motorbikes that have been looted or seized from the public. There were no casualties reported so far. The attacks were carried out by Yangon Urban Guerrilla Army (MO-7 Eagle) and Black Tiger UG Team.

  • Policeman shot dead in Loikaw tsp, Karenni State

On the morning of October 25, a dead body was found in Pankan Ward, Loikaw Township, Kayah Region. Later, it was identified as Thant Zaw Oo, a policeman from the township station. It was unknown why or who was responsible for his death but many speculated he was shot down when driving a motorbike.

  • Military informer killed in Yetarshay tsp, Bago Region

A dalan/military informer was attacked and killed in Bago Region on the night of October 24. Nga Htay, a notorious dalan from Yetarshay Township was shot dead by Eagle Yetarshay People’s Defense Force (YPDF) around 10.25 pm. Nga Htay lived in Wat Khout Sein Village, Taungoo Township and due to the tips he gave to the military forces, at least five members of YPDF were killed.


  • Medical Action Myanmar (MAM) fires nearly 90 CDMers 

In order to continue working in Myanmar and sign a memorandum of understanding with the Junta, Medical Action Myanmar (MAM), an international organization, fires nearly 90 CDM employees with severance pay. Medical Action Myanmar is an organization that has operated health care activities in Myanmar since 2011 with international funding and has nearly 2,000 employees across the country.

Source: Myanmar Now, Khit Thit, Irrawaddy, DVB, Mizzima, Than Lwin Times, Burma VJ, Al Jazeera

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