Freedom Memoirs Vol. 3, Issue. 3

Another eventful month has concluded. After months of speculations, the National League for Democracy was dissolved, and the regime has three massacres under its belt in March. The military’s politically-motivated Rohingya repatriation pilot project was talk of the town this month. The resistance continued in both big cities and rural areas in various forms, which means that the regime’s retaliation came in the form of aerial attacks and infantry troops, resulting in thousands of displaced civilians. While Min Aung Hlaing took pride in his extravagant Armed Forces Day parade, the day only reminds us of the large scale crackdown on pro-democracy protesters two years back. The blood is still fresh, and as long as we live and breathe, we never forget. The third Thingyan Festival under military rule has fast approached. There is no joy or celebration, but only resilience, revenge, and resistance until we win. 

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