We all have stories to tell, and ideas to share. Whether they are extraordinary or trivial, we believe that every story is worth telling. Started in 2018, Mohinga Matters is a platform where aspiring writers share their thoughts, ideas and opinions freely.

Mainstream media mainly focuses on short-lived current affairs, can be boring sometimes. Here on Mohinga Matters, we will write about anything, and everything.

If you have an anecdote to share, submit your writings or simply reach out to us at mohingamatters@gmail.com. Subscribe us if you want to read our crazy thoughts and angry complaints.

Our Team

Theingi Lynn | Editor-in-Chief

Theingi has been writing in her entire life: from unpublished cheesy poetry in high school to internationally published articles in her career. Studied Mass Communications, she started working as a news reporter in 2014 where she gained industry knowledge. Ever since, she has never stopped writing: Facebook contents, success stories, essays and sometimes a little less creative project proposals and reports to get paid.

Zwe Oak Soe | Contributing Editor

Zwe is someone who literally thinks Mohinga matters the most. With a diploma in communication & lifelong interest in comedy, he tries to combine those two by occasionally writing mildly peculiar articles.

Thant Zin | Contributing Editor

An economics and history enthusiast, a lifelong reader and long-term writer. Less boring writing includes a two years stint in communications, yet professional writings since revolves around more boring stuffs such as strategic documents, proposals, assessments etc, and excited to get back to creative stuffs at Mohinga Matters, despite being strictly coconut noodle fan.