Freedom Memoirs

Mohinga Matters team will write daily entries to document the military coup occurred on February 1st 2021. Click read more to read the full post.

Day 144

A shocking CCTV footage of the regime’s soldiers’ cold-blooded murder of unarmed civilians in their own home on June 19 in Kalay township, Sagaing…. Read more

Day 143

The attack on people defense force in Mandalay yesterday had impacted the public significantly, every one of us spent the night praying for the surviving…. Read more

Day 142

Today’s biggest story is in the center of Mandalay where a shootout was observed between junta’s forces and a Mandalay People Defense Force (Mandalay PDF)…. Read more

Day 141

Today, we woke up to the news of a mosque in Yangon’s Ahlone township caught on fire around 2:30am during the nighttime curfew. The fire was…. Read more

Day 140

Military government is hard at work pushing out yet another statement to condemn the resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly on Friday…. Read more

Day 139

Today is Day 139. Myanmar people remain persistent to truth and justice. Our goal is clear: We, the people, hold the absolute power,” and “We will topple… Read more

Day 138

A series of attacks on junta’s forces and supporters took place today. Early this morning around 7am, two unidentified persons tried to shoot U Maung Htun… Read more

Day 137

Today, junta’s media heavily features its Minister of Defense and key State Administration Council (SAC) member General Mya Tun Oo attending ASEAN… Read more

Day 136

Following up the situations in Kinma village of Pauk Township in Magway Region, two elderlies were killed in the fire set ablaze by junta’s soldiers last night… Read more

Day 135

Today, junta’s troops burned down the entire village of Kinma in Pauk Township, Magway Region. As of 5pm, the soldiers were still camping in the village… Read more

Day 134

Myanmar faces a critical situation with an alarming rate of covid-19 cases. With a high Covid-19 spike recorded yesterday and the regime’s ill-preparation… Read more

Day 133

It’s 133 days since the military has illegally staged a coup in Myanmar, and Myanmar people from all over the world have yet to give up. Today saw protests… Read more

Day 132

With clashes between the regime’s forces and several militant groups/ethnic armed groups erupting across the county, Myanmar saw a sharp increase… Read more

Day 131

In previous days, we have reported the third wave of Covid-19 with increasing positive cases in Myanmar. Today on our social media, photographs of… Read more

Day 130

Min Aung Hlaing’s State Administration Council (SAC) pressed corruption charges which carries up to 15 years in jail to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, a mayor,… Read more

Day 129

While the rest of the country has plunged into chaos since February 1, Min Aung Hlaing and co are living in their delusional world, thinking that… Read more

Day 128

Yesterday evening, after increased engagement by China and ASEAN towards the junta which culminated with the Chinese Embassy to Myanmar addressing… Read more

Day 127

Last night in Magway, six young men were beaten up and abducted by junta’s soldiers. The victims were later identified as university students. In Pwint Phyu,… Read more

Day 126

The tragedy of Kyonpyaw massacre has reminded people of Myanmar that the danger of military’s informants is still extreme in the time of revolution… Read more

Day 125

Today is June 5, World Environment Day. The Myanmar resistance movement introduces a new campaign called “The Revolution Forest” to both call… Read more

Day 124

This morning started with yet another familiar news as a bomb had to be defused at an elementary school in the town of Hinthada. Observers said such… Read more

Day 123

Today protests against military coup were observed in Paung, Mandalay, Sarlingyi, Dawei, Myaing, Saw, Hpakant, Yangon and many more places across the country… Read more

Day 122

What many parents worried happened on the second day of school reopening. Today in Yinmabin township of Sagaing Region, a bomb blasted in the … Read more

Day 121

Late night yesterday, two big developments came from Kayah State. The first was about Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF) being founded by coalition… Read more

Day 120

Myanmar is now experiencing one of the worst humanitarian crises in the region with more than 50,000 people displaced from their homes. A Nyein, a… Read more

Day 119

Despite a heavy rain raging across different regions in Myanmar, people haven’t given up on voicing out our demands, and they can be seen protesting… Read more

Day 118

Last night in Yangon’s Insein township, a young man on his motorbike was stopped by soldiers from Light Infantry Division 77 around 9pm. When he did not stop…. Read more

Day 117

This morning around 8:15 am, a bomb blasted in Muse, Shan State, killing one young man and severely injuring another. The deceased was called Phoe Thingyan…. Read more

Day 116

Peaceful resistance against junta and its administration, State Administration Council (SAC) continues. Today, protests were held in townships of Yangon…. Read more

Day 115

Chaung Zin Village in Myaung township, Sagaing region has become the latest battlefield as there is an ongoing clash between junta’s forces and people…. Read more

Day 114

Ongoing Cyclone Yaas in Bay of Bengal brought the rain which cooled down the heat, but thousands and thousands of people in Myanmar are displaced…. Read more

Day 113

Today is the first day to begin the admission process of basic education schools, following the junta’s decision to force open schools amidst the ongoing…. Read more

Day 112

Today, the clashes between the terrorists and Kayah People’s Defence Force (KPDF) continued to rage on, resulting with the military declaring martial law in Loikaw…. Read more

Day 111

Today is a three-months-anniversary of a protest themed ‘22222’ that fell on February 22. Many protest rallies were held commemorating the ‘22222’…. Read more

Day 110

Protests continue and battles raged on. Today saw protests in Dawei, Pale, TantSi, Hpakant, Mandalay, Yangon, Myaungmya, and many more places… Read more

Day 109

Since the beginning, the military has been trying to convince the public that the coup was staged because of the election fraud committed by the NLD, … Read more

Day 108

Businesses and restaurants reopen since owners struggle in the rough economy but that doesn’t mean people of Myanmar have given up on the revolution … Read more

Day 107

Explosions, shootings, deaths and oppression continues, and the protests and other resistances continue. Today morning started with two explosions in… Read more

Day 106

This morning we all woke up to news of our Miss Universe Myanmar Thuzar Wint Lwin winning the national costume on the grand stage of Miss Universe… Read more

Day 105

The battle of Mindat devastated every Myanmar person who has sided with justice by resisting the coup since February. The news from Mindat…. Read more

Day 104

Brave fighters of Mindat have resisted the regime soldiers for the past four days. They managed to block the military from sending more troops and…. Read more

Day 103

Day 103 and it is the two-month-anniversary of Hlaingtharyar massacre that claimed at least 80 lives. It was the day where the gang of Hlaingtharyar township…. Read more

Day 102

Remember how we all were inspired by Mindat town in Chin State and its people for fighting back the junta’s forces at the end of April? Last night, fighting…. Read more

Day 101

After resisting junta’s attacks for nearly 24 hours, civilian fighters have had to retreat from their fortress in Talokmyo village according to reports…. Read more

Day 100

100 days ago, we all woke up to a silent world, with no phone or internet. The night before, we did not think military coup could be real, despite raging rumours, for… Read more

Day 99

Only a day into 100 days under the illegal coup, so much has changed since ousting of the democratically-elected government. What the State… Read more

Day 98

Despite the continuous calls to end violence from the international community, the regime continues to assault anti-coup protesters and civilians… Read more

Day 97

Another day under the military terrorists is another day with reports of bomb blasts, civil wars and innocent civilians fleeing for their lives. But it is also another day… Read more

Day 96

Our daily entries since mid-April included the explosion news across the country almost every day. Started with local administrative offices, Yangon Bus… Read more

Day 95

Second day after the junta forced the universities to open, the classes remained empty. Only a handful of students were back in some university compounds… Read more

Day 94

On Day 94 of the illegal coup after 769 lives loss, the National Unity Government (NUG), the rightful government, has formed People Defence Force (PDF)… Read more

Day 93

Protests are ongoing across Myanmar. Protests of various strengths are observed today in Dawei, Mandalay, Yay Oo, Mogok, HpaKant, Sagaing, Bagan,…. Read more

Day 92

This morning around 8 am, a helicopter from terrorist military was shot down by Kachin Independence Army (KIA) near Kone Law village in Momauk township… Read more

Day 91

Today marks a week since ASEAN bloc had reached a five-point consensus on Myanmar’s affairs, and with a clear message from the ASEAN leaders to… Read more

Day 90

Exactly three months since the coup leader Min Aung Hlaing stole the country. Several explosions took place in Yangon since early morning… Read more

Day 89

Not a day goes by without a protest against the illegal coup in Myanmar. People have not taken a day off even the day reaches 89 under the illegal coup… Read more

Day 88

We woke up to more explosive news this morning. Around 3am today, military airbase in Magway region was attacked with a missile, killing six terrorists… Read more

Day 87

Everyday, we are amazed to see the ongoing protests all over the country. Anti-coup marching strikes, motorbike rallies, protests to education boycott under… Read more

Day 86

A few months ago, many of us in the urban areas do not really know or care much about fightings between ethnic armed organisations (EAOs) and Myanmar military… Read more

Day 85

Day 85 under the illegitimate coup: The General Strike Committee of Nationalities (GSCN) issued a condemnation statement on ASEAN leaders’.. Read more

Day 84

As soon as ASEAN Summit ended with a consensus on 5 points last night, Dr Sasa issued a statement that National Unity Government (NUG) welcomed… Read more

Day 83

It is the day of the overly hyped-up and much-anticipated ASEAN Summit taking place in Jakarta with leaders and representatives of ASEAN… Read more

Day 82

This morning around 7 am, a clash broke out between Karen National Union (KNU) and terrorist army near Kyaik Kaw Village of Thaton District as terrorist… Read more

Day 81

Last night around 8pm, residents near the notorious Insein prison said that they heard an explosion sound from the prison compound. Again, around 9pm, another… Read more

Day 80

Day 80 since the coup, 21st April 2021. Today is the seventh anniversary of the death of U Win Tin, a venerated journalist, activist and founding member of NLD… Read more

Day 79

Day 79 already, but protests are still staged in any way possible across the country. Writing protest messages on currency notes, folding protest and prayer… Read more

Day 78

A day after the tweet from Mr. Simon Adams of Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect GCR2P and many possible scenarios laid out by our witty netizens…. Read more

Day 77

On the same day news spread out that Coup leader Min Aung Hlaing is set to attend the ASEAN Summit in Jakarta on April 24, Simon Adams, Executive Director…. Read more

Day 76

Happy Myanmar’s New Year to all of our courageous and resilient fellow brothers and sisters who are still refusing to bow down in their own ways…. Read more

Day 75

On the last day of Myanmar year, the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH) today announced long-awaited cabinet lineup, which lifted our spirits…. Read more

Day 74

Millions of Myanmar people have been protesting in many themes and forms since the first week of February. Some are outside marching down the streets…. Read more

Day 73

It’s the second day of Thingyan Water Festival, and according to the General Strike Committee (GSC)’s schedule, today’s theme of protests was red paint strike…. Read more

Day 72

The junta continues with their fear tactic of abducting and killing even on the auspicious day such as today where we would be welcoming the first day of…. Read more

Day 71

Flash Light strike was organised in at least 100 townships last night. There were some arguments back and forth online about the precise time to hold the strike but…. Read more

Day 70

We heard this morning that a security guard was severely wounded during a bomb blast outside the Myawady bank branch 1 in Mandalay. Myawady bank…. Read more

Day 69

We woke up this Saturday morning praying that we would still have access to the world when the clock struck 9 this morning. We are grateful that we’re still here…. Read more

Day 68

Due to the various kinds of Internet shutdown, we were unable to collect and verify information but many netizens report that late night raids were still happening…. Read more

Day 67

Day 67 since the illegal, cowardly and vile coup began. Yangon, which had suffered the most casualties among the peaceful protestors, have been relatively more quiet…. Read more

Day 66

We reported a couple of times previously about the brave people of Tahan (Kalay) from Sagaing region who has set up protest camps and fought back junta’s forces…. Read more

Day 65

We wished the rain stopped for our Karen sisters and brothers who had to hide under the bomb shelters in the woods. But the shower did not stop until the morning… Read more

Day 64

When it rained last night, many of us were tucked in decent beds but we were constantly reminded of Kayin people who were fleeing from Myanmar military’s… Read more

Day 63

Since April 1, people have been incorporating themed protests to celebrate the major political development; to honor the fallen heroes, and generally just to unite everyone… Read more

Day 62

The shutdown of wireless broadband has tremendously affected the information flow, but it doesn’t slow down the momentum of our revolution… Read more

Day 61

Since Feb 1, over 550 people had left home in the morning and never returned as they fell victims to terrorist military’s ultimate violence. In the memory of the fallen… Read more

Day 60

A new day of the month – Day 60 under the illegal coup, two full months have passed. On April 1st at 12:30 am sharp, we joined the ‘clapping campaign’ to welcome… Read more

Day 59

Everyday is yet another fight for Myanmar people until the junta is gone for good. Today, we saw images of smaller protests in Yangon’s several townships… Read more

Day 58

Another day under Myanmar military junta means another day of terror and more trauma for every civilian. Last night, before the internet shutdown, we saw reports… Read more

Day 57

A couple of days ago, we heard reports on the use of hand grenades during crackdowns but the armed thugs tried to cover up by saying they were defusing…. Read more

Day 56

One hundred and fourteen. That’s the number of people reportedly killed on the Armed Forces day by the terrorist military but the number could be more… Read more

Day 55

A Day of Shame —  shame on the armed forces who swore to protect the citizens but did not fail to brutally kill at least 91 people across 40 towns… Read more

Day 54

It always pains us to begin our daily reports with casualties from the previous night but here we go again. Last night, two men were shot dead… Read more

Day 53

Last night, after we had published our recap, there were reports spreading online of over 100 staff from supermarkets and convenience stores such as… Read more

Day 52

We reported yesterday that a seven year old girl named Khin Myo Chit was shot dead by terrorist military during a violent crackdown in Chan Mya Tharzi, Mandalay… Read more

Day 51

Night raids along with random firing have become a new normal for many townships across Myanmar for the past few weeks. Our nights are now full of terror…. Read more

Day 50

Before we went to sleep last night, we kept hearing devastating news from Aung Pin Lae ward, Mandalay because junta’s armed force couldn’t stop shooting until 10 pm…. Read more

Day 49

Deaths continue, arrests continue, getting arrested and deaths in overnight custodies continue, and despite all these, the people’s resistance continues… Read more

Day 48

Last night before the internet shutdown, we saw several reports on social media about terrorist forces shooting and arresting frontline defenders from protests…. Read more

Day 47

It’s been 47 days since the Myanmar military has illegally taken control of the country, and everything that Myanmar has worked hard for in the past decade has…. Read more

Day 46

A terrible news came in from Rakhine early this morning that a huge fire broke out in Tain Nyo Camp for Internally Displaced People (IDP) in Mrauk-U, displacing over 660 households…. Read more

Day 45

We woke up to the news of terrorist army setting fire to a residential area in Hlaing Tharyar Township, resulting in damage of three houses including a house of well-known painter Win Pe Myint… Read more

Day 44

Day 44 since the illegal coup, and Day 2 since a block on mobile data networks across the nation was imposed. Only WIFI is available now, and information flow is now… Read more

Day 43

We couldn’t include the number of fatalities in Hlaing Tharyar last night as various unverified sources reported different figures. Myanmar Now reported 59 deaths,… Read more

Day 42

On day 42 of the illegal coup, we woke up to the reports of two deaths in Twante, and one in Mandalay. They were shot by terrorists … Read more

Day 41

Before we recap on anything, let us all take a moment to remember all of the fallen heroes, and innocent civilians who were taken so soon from their loved ones… Read more

Day 39

On the same day that UN Security Council issued a statement that they strongly condemned “the violence used against peaceful anti-coup protesters”, …. Read more

Day 38

As soon as we opened our eyes today, we were greeted with unwanted news. Except for the violence in the southern part of Myanmar in a town called Dawei, most parts…. Read more

Day 37

We reported in our entry yesterday that as many as 300 protesters were trapped in the houses in Sanchaung with security tightened. Barricaded the entire township… Read more

Day 36

Although the devil did its worst to scare off people with the use of sound bombs and live ammo in many townships of Yangon late last night… Read more

Day 35

Reporting from Day 35 of living under illegal Myanmar military coup. This morning, we woke up to a tragic news of the passing of U Khin Maung Latt… Read more

Day 34

When Dr Sa Sa officially requested Responsibility to Protect (R2P) to UN Security Council a couple of nights ago, most of us almost punched in the air in the celebratory mode… Read more

Day 33

Large protests are ongoing defiantly across the country. The military thugs have been using less live ammo to protesting crowds in 2 days since the carnage on … Read more

Day 32

Every time the armed group used excessive force resulting in several deaths, protesters came out even stronger the next day. The number of fallen heroes varies … Read more

Day 31

Today marks another day of extreme bloodshed again in our 31 day-history of resistance against the 2021 coup. The first mass slaughter of the peaceful civilians was … Read more

Day 30

In early days of the coup, one of the State Administration Council members said that protests would die down eventually. It’s been 30 days and is far from “die down” despite the brutal crackdown… Read more

Day 29

It’s been a month. February 2021 would stay in our memories forever. A month started with a coup ended with more than 20 fatalities in a single day. We will never forget nor forgive. Now onto March… Read more

Day 28

Bloodiest day since the coup. Protests were staged, forcibly and, at times, violently cracked down and re-staged across the nation. After one month, military thugs finally cracked, and… Read more

Day 27

Hi folks, Mohinga Matters checking in to report day 27 of the illegal military coup. Myanmar’s permanent representative to the United Nations U Kyaw Moe Tun revealed an unexpected plot twist that wowed many people last night… Read more

Day 26

Despite all the forces being deployed in Tamwe last night and we feared for the worst, there were not many reports of violence or arrests in the morning. However, there were reports of stolen goods… Read more

Day 25

The news we received throughout the day was very overwhelming and shocking. This afternoon, a large group of pro-coup protesters were seen in downtown Sule to show their support for the military… Read more

Day 24

Mohinga Matters signing in to report day 24 of illegal military coup. This morning, we learned that Indonesia Foreign Minister cancelled her trip to Myanmar today for… Read more

Day 23

Day 23 following the epic 22222 movement is pretty quiet, so we have had time to recharge and regroup for upcoming battles. People who were detained yesterday during violent crackdown in Pyinmana, Naypyidaw got released… Read more

Day 22

Hi folks, remember how we reported last night that it was going to be epic today? It was epic. Before we get into that, let’s talk about how the junta planned to disperse the 22222 General Strike… Read more

Day 21

It’s been 21 days now. The stronger the resistance of the people, the more violent acts used by the dictator & co. Before the blood of Mandalay folks dried, a man in the neighbourhood watch from… Read more

Day 20

It’s official military has waged a war on us, the unarmed civilians who are protesting peacefully and demanding what’s rightfully ours. Apart from Yangon, the military seemed to target other cities due to less coverage of their atrocities… Read more

Day 19

Today is the 19th day of living under an illegal coup; it already felt like living in an eternal nightmare. For many of us, this is the endgame, but some journalists and academics continue to speculate disheartening messages… Read more

Day 18

Protests continue, today many ethnics displayed ethnic pride in resisting military dictatorship. Myanmar has a long history of both unity and conflict among its various ethnic groups and successive dictators have played on racial tensions… Read more

Day 17

In the morning around 8 am today, automobiles of all sorts broke down at major junctions that connect downtown, bridges and outskirts of Yangon- effectively blocking roads to prevent civil servants from going to respective offices… Read more

Day 16

Another night of Internet shutdown. We wonder if the military is trying to normalise it, like the way they did to electricity back in the day. We were so happy when the power resumed after a few hours of shortage. Did you feel the similar joy… Read more

Day 15

Mohinga Matters bringing to you Day 15 of the horrific military coup! Last night, for the third time since the coup, Myanmar went dark. Internet access was completely cut off from 1:00 am-9:00 am- a rare moment a dictate has kept his promise… Read more

Day 14

Another day under military dictatorship. Another day with many civilians of Myanmar waking up after a sleepless night. Remember the Purge movies… last night, it was almost like we were all living in one… Read more

Day 13

Using all the tools available to them from astrology and propaganda to convicts and real bullets, the dictator & co seem to think they are at a proper war against proper armies. We don’t recall easily where they put in this much effort before … Read more

Day 12

This is Mohinga Matters tuning in for Day 12! As much as we would like to think that the military is running out of ideas besides resolving to violence, it is still using the same old tricks from the book of Dictatorship 101… Read more

Day 11

Waking up to another day of dictatorship feels awful. Why? Because we had a taste of democracy in the past decade. What we had from 2011-2020 was merely a facade democracy with 25% of non-elected military MPs in parliaments… Read more

Day 10

Day 10 of being forced to go back to the military’s cage. Day 5 of peaceful protesters defying against the restrictions and martial law.We, the people, are in mourning. We are mourning for the lost future of Mya Thet Thet Khine… Read more

Day 9

Our days since the coup on February 1 are just days of anxiety, devastation and panic. Rumors keep flying around panicking us even more, the talk of violent reaction from the military to the peaceful protesters keeps us awake at night and more alert in the day. Yet, all of this hasn’t stopped us. Read more

Day 8

Mohinga Matters signing in to get you covered on Day 8 of the coup!It’s been more than a week since the people of Myanmar have been forced to live under devastating circumstances. Most of us have barely been able to sleep or have a proper meal since Day 1… Read more

Day 7

Comrades, Tthis is Mohinga Matters reporting to the world on the day 7 under dictatorship. We had internet cut off for more than 24 hours and here’s what happened during the blackout; Since internet was out of picture, people turned to the old fashioned mobile communications. Read more

Day 6

Comrades, we might lose internet access at any minute now. Can you believe a government who promises great things and yet cannot even allow basic internet? First solid thing they did as a “new government” is violating our freedom of expression. Much worse violations are to be expected. Read more

Day 5

So day 5, here we go. Civil Disobedience Movement continues to grow. The organisers recognise 5th February as Nationwide CDM Day, and urge all the civil servants to stand with the public. The sound of pot-banging and car-honking got louder and longer last night. Read more

Day 4

Day 4 since we woke up into a nightmare that became true witnessing our freedom being robbed overnight. It was the worst Monday of our lives. We were devastated, and felt hopeless with uncertainty and into an unknown future. Read more

Day 3

Today is Day 3 since Myanmar Military’s coup d’état against democratically-elected government occurred. Military junta’s tightening grip continues by appointing more cabinet positions, national and states and region governing councils. Read more

Day 2

How do you stop a military coup? You might think we Myanmar people should be pretty good at this since we had witnessed several similar attempts in a single century. While we do not get any better at defending our own rights, the military Read more

Day 1

Friends from near and afar, Myanmar is now being controlled by the military. Again. The civilian government leaders are being detained. Some prominent figures such as writers, filmmakers, student leaders and activists are also detained. Read more