Dear Gambia

(1) Dear Gambia, it was some time in November 2002. A class full of third graders had to stand up on their chairs as punishment for a 45 minutes period. The homeroom teacher made sure that she wouldn’t let anyone sit down until the responsible student who broke the window glass confessed.  The whole class … Continue reading Dear Gambia

Tales from YBS

Bus rides are my favorite experience to observe people. Various kinds of people with different appearances and personalities hop on the same bus, interacting with each other for a very brief period of their lives. Does it sound interesting to you, too? Because it does to me. It wasn't long ago that our notorious bus … Continue reading Tales from YBS

52 Types of People Who Think They Are Better Than You

Time from time, we come across lovely messages sent by our loyal readers from all over the world. (A little exaggerating you might think but it’s true; we have roughly about 23 regular readers around the Globe) Among the messages that we received, one caught our attention. This email said some people here in Myanmar … Continue reading 52 Types of People Who Think They Are Better Than You

Myanmar Trivia: For politicians & Non-politicians

We all love internet quizzes and half-ass IQ tests, don’t we? We must because that’s how we helped build BuzzFeed to become nearly one billion dollar company today. Drooling over similar potential fortune and wealth, we at Mohinga Matters come up with some interesting questions/ problems for our readers who are bored enough to click … Continue reading Myanmar Trivia: For politicians & Non-politicians