December 2023

December 1

MNDAA officially commenced operations aimed at seizing control of Laukkai, Northern Shan state under Operation 1027 after having effectively captured all regime stations in Kokang area except for Laukkai.

December 3

In Daegu, South Korea, the Myanmar Federation of Democratic Victory Federation (MFDMC) hosted a meeting and welcome ceremony for CDM Captain Lin Htet Aung. During the event, CDM Captain Lin Htet Aung highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the current Spring Revolution, drawing on his military experiences.

December 4

The first Chinland Council Summit was held from December 4 to 7 at Victoria Base at the India-Myanmar border. The summit was attended by 235 participants from various Chin entities. At the end of the summit, Chinland Council announced the approval for Chinland Constitution and the formation of Chinland Hluttaw, Government and Supreme Court within 60 days.

December 5

The regime’s Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM) halted fixed-price sales to importers, aligning instead with market rates. This announcement meant that Authorized Dealer (AD)-licensed banks are no longer provided with fixed exchange rates by the CBM.

December 6

The regime’s forces carried out an airstrike on Ho Nar Village in Namhkham Township, Shan-north, resulting in the tragic deaths of five civilians including a five-year-old child. The aerial attack occurred around 11:30 pm, claiming the lives of a 56-year-old husband, a 46-year-old wife, a 50-year-old mother, a five-year-old child, and a 35-year-old teacher.

December 7

The military recalled more than 10,000 former soldiers from prisons in 24 hours. Due to the severe defeat that Myanmar military has been facing, and consequently, in need of new recruits, the regime plans to pardon the imprisoned soldiers and reappoint them in the force.

December 8

Junta chief Min Aung Hlaing said that the election will be held nationwide despite the ongoing conflict with resistance forces at the Graduation Ceremony of Gadat Batch 65 in Pyin Oo Lwin. Although the exact date of the election was not mentioned, he said that basic procedures have commenced, and encouraged the public to cooperate in order to achieve the “common goal”.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo raised suspicion on the involvement of human traffickers since more than 1000 Rohingya refugees arrived at Aceh Province in November 2023. This marked the highest number of Rohingya refugees’ arrival since 2015.

December 9

The morning witnessed the abduction of over 20 individuals by the regime’s soldiers in Khamaukkyi town, Kawthaung township, Tanintharyi region. The detainees were accused of supporting PDFs, with purported evidence discovered on their phones.

December 11

The European Union imposed sanctions on four high-ranking figures within the military and two arms brokerage companies. Targeted individuals are Lieutenant General Nyo Saw, Wunna Maung Lwin, Dr. Hmu Thang, and Major General Hla Moe. These sanctions extend to companies supporting the regime financially and engaging in military weaponry transactions, namely, Star Sapphire Group of Companies and Royal Shune Lei Company Limited.

December 12

The regime’s air force launched an airstrike on the NUG’s court situated in Mintaingpin village, Pale township, Sagaing region. The airstrike resulted in the tragic deaths of six individuals, including the judge, and left three others severely wounded.

December 14

The Arakan Army (AA) announced the capture of 140 junta posts within a span of 45 days since the initiation of Operation 1027.

December 15

Junta chief Min Aung Hlaing announced that Russia-made SU-30 aircrafts will be used in the conflict during the 76th Anniversary of the Formation of the AirForce in Naypyitaw. The regime purchased 6 of SU-30 type aircrafts from Russia in 2022, and the first batch included two aircrafts which arrived in Myanmar in September 2023.

December 16

The NUG revealed that approximately 30 regime soldiers lost their lives in the Khampat battle spanning from December 10 to 16. Khampat Town, under the control of local resistance forces, has been witnessing heightened efforts from the regime to reclaim it.

December 17

TNLA successfully seized control of all military bases in Namsan, resulting in the deaths of over 60 military council soldiers and the capture of 30 prisoners of war, as announced by the TNLA News and Information Department. The attack began on December 10 and culminated on December 15 with the occupation of key military installations including the headquarters and the army-owned tea factory.

December 20

The regime’s troops launched an offensive to raid the Urban Guerilla (UG) station situated on the western side of Mattaya Township in Mandalay Region with approximately 70 soldiers arriving at the station via a ship along the Ayeyarwaddy River. However, prior information allowed the rangers to retreat in advance.

December 21

An Indonesian air force officer said that five boats carrying Rohingya refugees entered Indonesia’s territorial waters but the number of refugees was not disclosed.

December 22

Mawi, deputy commander-in-chief of Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF), released a video message on social media, warning the regime’s soldiers to surrender. In the video message, he said that the regime’s soldiers have two options: 1) to surrender and switch to the people’s side; or 2) to engage another wave of clashes which will annihilate them.

December 23

An explosion disrupted a “community walk” organized by junta-appointed Sagaing Region Chief Minister Myat Kyaw in Monywa city. The blast occurred near Kantharyar Lake as the walk commenced, resulting in casualties, though specific details were yet to be confirmed.

December 24

Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) declared the successful capture of all regime stations in Mantong town, Shan-north. Their offensive began on December 19, resulting in the TNLA securing three military stations, a strategic hill, a police station, and government offices after a four-day battle.

December 24 marked two years since the Myanmar military conducted mass killing of at at least 45 civilians including three children near Moso Village in Hpruso Township. Karenni State’s Interim Executive Council (IEC) released a statement today, stressing that perpetrators of this crime continue to enjoy impunity, and declared the IEC’s determination to bring justice for the victims.

December 25

Local resistance forces found seven dead bodies in three locations near Kwaygyi viillage, Nattalin township, Bago region (West). They were identified as the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from Kwaygyi Village who were arrested by the regime’s forces four days earlier.

December 27

Spring Development Bank announced that it opened the first ever physical branch in Kaw Lin Town of Sagaing Region. The bank has been providing digital services since its foundation including digital payments, currency exchange, savings, and investments.

December 28

Junta-run news outlets announced that Thailand and Myanmar have discussed the plan to crack down on online frauds looming large in Myawaddy, a border town near Thailand. Lieutenant General Jakkapong Janpengpen of Thailand met with the junta chief Min Aung Hlaing in Naypyitaw to discuss their military cooperation.

December 29

The regime authorized the registration of the People’s Party led by 88 Generation student leader U Ko Ko Gyi as a registered political party. Earlier this year, the regime required all political parties that wished to partake in the upcoming election to re-register their statuses. This process was intended to eliminate the National League for Democracy (NLD) from the running since most of its leaders and members are currently declared as “terrorists” and “criminals” by the junta.

December 30

Kokang’s MNDAA issued an announcement, warning of the intensifying clashes in Laukkai since the regime’s forces refused to surrender and continued to fight. MNDAA’s announcement also urged civilians to flee from the town as it can become a battlefield soon.

December 31

An explosion occurred near a well-known nightclub in Tamwe township, Yangon. Dark Shadow, a Yangon-based Urban Guerrilla Force, claimed responsibility for the incident. The group stated that the Maze Club was frequented by individuals affiliated with the military, engaging in celebrations and drug-related activities. 


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