Freedom Memoirs – Day 1

Friends from near and afar, Myanmar is now being controlled by the military. Again. The civilian government leaders are being detained. Some prominent figures such as writers, filmmakers, student leaders and activists are also detained. Some friends of ours had to let their folks go with the soldiers who waited for them since 4 am this morning. Some have lost contact with their folks. The local TV channels and phone lines are cut. The only connectivity we have now is wifi, and we don’t know how long we will get the last form of connectivity.

The newly elected members of parliament were supposed to gather at the parliament today, swearing in and further forming a new civilian government. The military couldn’t let it happen. So it has orchestrated unstable situations, and now taken over. This is not new. History does repeat itself. Our parents and grandparents have experienced this before. The people of Myanmar have traumatic experience when it comes to coup. We don’t deserve this. The rage and devastation we feel right now is indescribable. How many times do we have to fall back to square one?

The announcement made this morning said that the “military takeover” was supposed to last one year only. Let’s see. While we try to remain as calm as possible, please show support to us. Thank you.

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