Freedom Memoirs – Day 2

How do you stop a military coup? 

You might think we Myanmar people should be pretty good at this since we had witnessed several similar attempts in a single century. While we do not get any better at defending our own rights, the military is getting really excellent at breaking ours. It took less than 6 hours to take over the whole government body and in less than 24 hours, we have got a new president we didn’t vote for. If there was a masterclass on conducting a military coup, you know who should be interviewed.

What are we thinking now?

Everything happened so fast that we didn’t have time to think about the outcome and its impact on our personal lives on the first day. However, on the day two, people are already thinking of job security and uncertainty over their futures. Some of us used to think politics had nothing to do with our daily meal but without foreign investment and financial aids, it seems now that this is definitely going to limit our options of meal on regular basis.

So how do we react?

Some people say it’s important to stay silent and peaceful for 72 hours because military want a riot to legitimise their coup yet some also say it’s important to show disapproval within 72 hours, otherwise international communities might think general public is content with the situation. We have no idea which is true. However, we have noticed multiple peaceful campaigns; notably one initiated by doctors in Mandalay who refuses to go to work starting 3rd February 2021 to stop the governing system. We are fully supportive of such campaigns and also thinking of effective ways we can protest peacefully in our respective fields.

Who’s with us?

Some of us have never felt as helpless as we felt yesterday and today but all we could do is protest silently and call for international help. We have noted and appreciated support from the US government and the EU; however we all know there is no immediate/direct solution to reclaim even the half-ass democracy which is once ours. The Embassy of Russia today issued a statement that indicated their stand on the side of military. We saw a similar reaction from Chinese Government yesterday too. When did Russia and China ever stand with the general public of Myanmar anyway? 

This is Mohinga Matters reporting to the world on the day two of dictatorship.

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