Freedom Memoirs – Day 7


This is Mohinga Matters reporting to the world on the day 7 under dictatorship. We had internet cut off for more than 24 hours and here’s what happened during the blackout;

Since internet was out of picture, people turned to the old fashioned mobile communications. Tons of information; mostly fake, came into our message inboxes left and right. It felt like the military was showing how fake news could be spread even without internet access. The largest fake news that moved the whole nation was the rumour of DASSK being released. People rushed into the streets to celebrate and only learned that news was false at midnight. Our sources informed us that the information was started by general administrative departments (GAD) all over the country. Again, the military; so called government, was trying to remind people that we should be expecting similar days of uncertainty & insecurity under their reign. Thanks a lot.

Today, there were thousands of people on the roads boycotting the coup peacefully. Instead of one major gathering, multiple small groups led by different figures were taking the roads near Sule pagoda and Hledan junction.. A sign of harmony between people indoor and outdoor was witnessed throughout the day- those who couldn’t join the protest cheered the crowds and provided beverages and snack.

Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) is still going strong and the mission is now joined by private employers including banks. We expect the internet access to remain available since offices are supposed to open Monday and the military government is trying to impress whoever left on their side by not interrupting business operations. Whatever comes, we will try our hardest to push information out and update our daily entries. Take care and see you all.

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