Freedom Memoirs – Day 8

Mohinga Matters signing in to get you covered on Day 8 of the coup!

It’s been more than a week since the people of Myanmar have been forced to live under devastating circumstances. Most of us have barely been able to sleep or have a proper meal since Day 1 of the horrific military coup on – fighting both our internal and external struggles with anxiety and trauma.

This morning, we woke up frantically checking our phones afraid to lose connection with the world again. Now, we are connected but the next moment, we might not be. Rumors about the Electric Power Corporation (EPC) cutting off electricity are running rife. The peaceful protestors in Myawaddy, Kayin State were shot with rubber and actual bullets by the police yesterday leaving at least 10 civilians injured. Despite these challenging state of affairs, the people of Myanmar are showing applause worthy courage, determination and unity with protestors reaching millions today, roaring louder and larger against the injustice. 

Starting at 8:30 am this morning, groups of people across townships in different states and regions started gathering, for the third consecutive day, to show their disapproval towards the military regime.

In Mandalay, we saw monks, an influential institution, joining the protests. This takes us back into the memory lane to one of the many moments of injustice in Myanmar caused by the military junta- the Saffron Revolution of 2007 in which peaceful protests were led by the monks in response to rapid and unannounced increase in fuel and food prices.

Peaceful protestors in Naypyidaw were shot with water cannons. Trucks full of counter-protesters to support the military were seen on the streets, heading to major protest areas in various parts of Yangon right after the national TV announced around 3 pm that the military warned that actions shall be taken to whoever disturbs the stability of the country. Fear of the possible riot, the message was widely spread on social media and among friends. As of 5.30 pm, only a few people left at Sule, the major rallying point. 

We hear no major violence today but the military’s announcement sounds extremely fishy. For many in Myanmar, this is a do or die situation – we don’t want to live under extreme oppression anymore. See you with the pots and pans at 8 pm!

This just in: Spreading on social media, 8 pm to 4 am curfew will be imposed. While we bang pots and pans, keep an eye out for 8 pm news to confirm this too.

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