Freedom Memoirs – Day 71

Flash Light strike was organised in at least 100 townships last night. There were some arguments back and forth online about the precise time to hold the strike but eventually our people managed to agree on 9 pm. Internet shutdown creates lack of information flow and on top of it, people with the internet access could also create confusion by sharing unverified news at times. Regardless, Flash strike was successfully held and beautiful pictures were circulated online.

This morning, Yangon Bus Services (YBS) buses got blown up inside Kyimyindaing township bus station. The perpetrator was unknown but local residents told the media that junta’s forces were stationed in nearby School for the Blind and thus, it’s unlike for a civilian to trespass such high level security area, let alone planting bombs. Again, people will find out soon enough whom junta will put the blame via the state-owned news program in the coming days (but who is watching anyway). 

Another shocking news  this morning was that a man was found dead hanging inside a mosque in Tarmwe township, Yangon. The dead body was identified as a young man who volunteered at the mosque. According to the trustees of the mosque, the police concluded the case as a suicide. In this day and age, police force is one of the least trustworthy institution so many people find it difficult to accept such conclusion. Some local sources also said that soldiers were seen stationing in the same street where the mosque was located last night. So we cannot rule out the fact that it could be junta’s attempt to stir the racial conflict, which it had done successfully before. 

Protests continued nationwide to resist the military rule. The people of Mandalay successfully organised a marching strike early today with no casualty or arrest despite the crackdown by junta’s forces. Just like legend of the phoenix, the people of Kalay, Tase townships in Sagaing Region rose above the brutality of terrorist soldiers by continuing the marching strikes in the streets. Protesters also organised Watermelon strike to increase domestic consumption because the main buyer China allegedly rejected Myanmar’s watermelons. The ongoing strikes only meant ongoing crackdowns. Two protesters were arrested in Yangon’s Ahlone Township. 

As we anticipated in our yesterday’s entry, Tamu, a border town near India with its brave people, was severely attacked by the junta’s forces today. The terrorist army began its attack to Tamu’s main protest camp around 6am using RPGs, resulting in a casualty of a 7-year-old child. The junta’s forces continued shooting in the small town entire day as if they planned to occupy it completely according to a local source. Khit Thit media reported that about 200 local residents fled into India border to take refuge. Many speculated that violent crackdown was carried out in vengeance because the civilian-led defense team killed 18 soldiers from junta’s forces in self defense on April 10. 

In other news, the detained state counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi had another court hearing session via videoconferencing. She faced with additional charge – Natural Disaster Law for her election campaign back in August 2020. Just a little reminder — the ousted leader is now charged with total of six charges at the junta’s court, and all of which sound ridiculous to people with right mind. Once again, she was only allowed to meet with her legal counsel in presence of security officials, so she had to reiterate for in-person meeting with the lawyers, but it is less likely that her request will be granted any time soon. 

As the new year Thingyan Water Festival officially begins tomorrow, the General Strike Committee lays out a plan to turn the traditional festival into what they call “Revolution Thingyan” where each day of the five-day festival is assigned with different activities —  from traditional flower pots with anti-coup protest signs to prayer services for the fallen heroes on the new year day. Looks like it is going to be busy holidays for us. 

Just a reminder that rumours about internet shutdown during the holiday is still not confirmed. Our guess is that if the junta plans to put us in the darkness without affecting its business, it would start tomorrow. Whatever the junta decides, please know that we will be resisting with or without the internet. 

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