Freedom Memoirs – Day 85

Day 85 under the illegitimate coup: The General Strike Committee of Nationalities (GSCN) issued a condemnation statement on ASEAN leaders’ “Five-Point Consensus”. Under the ‘Five-Point Consensus’, ASEAN calls for ‘immediate cessation of violence’ by all parties concerned, and a ‘constructive dialogue’ which did not reflect the voices of Myanmar people. In response to that, the public shared Myanmar’s version of ‘Five-Point Consensus’ which are: to release all the detainees, to restore democracy now, to stop all inhumane acts, to take action on the junta and his accomplices and to reform the country’s fascist military.

As usual, protests continue daily and people are undeterred. In addition to strikes against the laughable ‘Five-Point Consensus’, non-cooperation strikes, motorbike strikes, marches, pre-dawn strikes, student union strikes, monk strikes continue. University students also participated in a campaign that called attention to Myanmar’s education system that had ignored the history of diverse communities, only paying a central focus on the history of the majority Bamar ethic group for decades. For this, students had set fire on their certificates and awards of their achievements calling for education reform. Protest marches were seen across the country in Meiktila, Mandalay, Sagaing, Bagan, Magway, Bago, Shwebo, Mogoke, Hsipaw, Namti, Hpakant, Myitkyina, and Demawso to name a few.

In Sagaing region, at least 20 villages in Yinmabin and Kani townships saw more than a thousand people fleeing their homes into nearby forest due to the presence of military forces. They violently cracked down the people, raided houses, and looted properties. Netizens on the ground reported that some elderlies, children, pregnant women have fallen sick, unable to find a proper refuge. Some have died due to their poor health conditions although the number has not been reported. This new wave of internally displaced persons (IDPs) added more numbers to the people fleeing from conflicts in north and northeast, and south of Myanmar. Renewed clashes have intensified in north, northeast and south of Myanmar between ethnic armed groups, who protect the people, and the terrorist military who continue to commit crimes against humanity.

The terrorist gang also continues to abduct protestors, CDM staffers and their supporters, journalists, artists and any figures who are influential in the resistance. An undisclosed information of the State Administrative Council (SAC) leaked today on social media which gave directive to cancel and revoke passports of CDM staffers from foreign diplomatic missions and their families. Inside the country, SAC also continues to either dismiss the CDM staff or to temporarily suspend them. More than 30 CDM railway staff from Malwagone station were issued a letter of temporary suspension of work today, joining their railway friends in Mandalay and Mohnyin who had shared the same fate last week. Our CDM heroes continue to suffer from inhumane acts of the terrorist gang — having to go into hiding, leaving their housings, and surviving without sufficient financial support. They do this all for a brighter future for our youth and for our country.

Today, CRPH, appointed three new members who were elected in the November general election last year. Two of them are NLD members: U Aung Kyi Nyunt, one of the NLD leaders, and U Sithu Maung, a young student activist turned politician. One is U Lama Naw Aung of the Kachin State People’s Party (KSPP) which marks expanding ethnic representation in the committee.

Day by day, Myanmar people have realized we have to rely on ourselves to win our fight, demanding less and less from the international community and ASEAN bloc. But, eventually people’s power will definitely win.

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