Freedom Memoirs – Day 86

A few months ago, many of us in the urban areas do not really know or care much about fightings between ethnic armed organisations (EAOs) and Myanmar military in ethnic and border areas. Three months into the coup, we monitor such news very closely on daily basis. This morning around 5am, Karen National Union (KNU)’s armed wing KNLA Brigade 5 started attacks on “Thaw Le Hta” military outpost in Thai-Myanmar border, the same area where Thai authorities left rice bags for Myanmar military back in March. And by 6am, KNLA had successfully occupied the outpost, resulting in Myanmar soldiers having to flee from their base according to Karen Information Center (KIC). However, around 1pm today, junta’s soldiers retaliated by launching airstrikes on Kayin villages so the villagers had to go into hiding. Usual cowardice act of Myanmar military, using heavy weapons on civilians when they could not win in a fair game against armed forces. 

The facist military has been losing in more than one warfronts. In Mindat township, Chin State, at least 15 fascist soldiers died in a shootout between the military and People’s Defense Force last night. Local sources said that the shootout happened when the SAC’s soldiers arrested seven protesters and planned to transferred to Pakkoku township. After the heavy loss, more military troops were deployed to Mindat today and fighting continued throughout the day. According to RFA Burmese, the military had been using RPG launchers while the People’s Defense Force held defensive position and carried out guerrilla attacks as of 1pm. Around 5pm, Chin World media reported that deputy commander of Northwestern Regional Command approached Mindat local leaders for temporary ceasefire so the People’s Defense Force proposed 3-point demand including immediate release of arrested persons and withdrawal of troops in the small town. However, according to Irrawaddy news, the fighting resumed around 6pm when both parties couldn’t reach to an agreement. It is going to be a long night for Mindat residents.

In Kachin State, fightings intensified between the terrorist military and Kachin Independence Army (KIA). Last night, we heard that military’ trucks travelling from Hpakant to Moegaung township was attacked on the way and about 30 sliders died in the incident. But further verification is needed on this news. KIA announced today that no vehicle, whether private cars or express buses, were allowed to carry supplies for the junta in Myitkyina-Bhamo highway segment where the armed group controlled. In addition, the road segment would only be allowed to use from 6am to 6pm everyday, and severe actions would be taken against those who violate the announcement.

In other news, the news of expositions keep on coming from different parts of the country. This morning in Khayan Township, Yangon region, three explosions blasted consecutively inside the office of Township Education Officer. In Meiktila, a sound bomb was heard inside the office of District Education Officer. And in Mandalay, a handmade grenade was thrown inside the residence of junta-appointed Mandalay Mayor U Kyaw San. In Hsipaw township, Shan State, some buildings inside the office of Township Education Officer were damaged due to an explosion of handmade grenade this morning. No casualties were reported from all these incidents.

All over the country, Myanmar people continue to defy the regime with various ways: guerrilla protests in Yangon, motorbikes rallies in Monywa, marching strikes in Mandalay, Dawei, Mogok, Naung-U, Yay-U, Kalay, Hpakant and many more. To accelerate the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM), Mandalay protest leader Dr Tayzar San encouraged the public to not cooperate with the regime, to reject products by military-tied businesses, to avoid paying tax or bill, and to withdraw savings from state-owned banks. We saw protest signs about “No cooperation” with the junta as well. We must be reminded that CDM movement is not solely dependent on civil servants. It won’t be fair for CDM staffers who are fleeing from their homes while we continue to pay electricity bills or taxes.

Today in Demoso township, Kayah State due to indiscriminate shooting of SAC’s soldiers, a man in his 50s was shot dead and another was also shot with live round. Four others were shot with rubber bullets and injured. According to Assistance Association of Political Prisoners (AAPP), 753 people have been killed and 4484 people are detained by the junta as of April 26. 

Since the beginning of the coup, AAPP has been persistently documenting the number of detained people, fatality list and daily briefings. Many organisations — from international orgs such as UN and CNN to online pages like us Mohinga Matters rely on the statistics that AAPP provides. However, junta accused that AAPP had been stirring up the state instability by publishing inaccurate statistics regarding the assaults committed by the military. If the regime don’t want AAPP to keep reporting the correct information of its atrocities, they should stop killing and arresting innocent people. It’s simple as that.

Another month under the military rule is ending soon, which means civil servants who have joined CDM are surviving yet another month without income. From big fundraising groups to individual donors, Myanmar people who still have income are supporting the CDM staffers. NUG’s Minister for Planning, Finance and Investment U Tin Tun Naing said that the ministry has been budgeting  to pay salaries to the CDM staffers. We wish the supports come as soon as possible. 

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