Freedom Memoirs – Day 90

Exactly three months since the coup leader Min Aung Hlaing stole the country. Several explosions took place in Yangon since early morning. Majority of today’s explosions occurred in Yankin township; BBC Burmese report that five bomb attacks occurred in No. 1 Industrial Road, and another explosion took place in No. 2 Ward Administration Office. Security has been tightened in Yankin township for a military-owned hospital is scheduled to open this weekend with a VIP in attendance. There is a high chance that Yankin residents will be targeted by terrorist soldiers tonight. In addition, locals reported that bomb blasts were heard today in South Dagon, Insein, Thingangyun, South Okkalar and Shwepyitha township. In Thaton township, Mon State, an explosion blasted near Thaton prison, injuring three civilians. Three explosions took place in Myingyan as well.

Despite tightened security and bomb attacks, protesters continued to reject the military rule. In Yangon, guerrilla protests were carried out in various part of the city. Although junta’s forces arrested seven young men last night, workers’ strike was organized in Hlaing Tharyar township, where martial was imposed, to honour the 131st International Workers’ Day. Marching strikes and motorbike rallies were also staged in other cities such as Mandalay, Meiktila, and smaller towns such as Tase, Hpakant and many more. As usual, junta’s forces cracked down and arrested seven protesters in Insein township. Mandalay’s strike was also cracked down by junta’s forces, a few protesters were arrested but the exact number is yet to be verified.

Today, Karen National Union (KNU) announced that the terrorist military launched aerial attacks four times and used heavy artilleries on villages in Luthaw township on April 30 alone, the same day junta announced extension of unilateral ceasefire until the end of May. In addition to these attacks, Myanmar soldiers were abducting and killing villagers, raiding houses and looting groceries in KNU’s Brigade 5 controlled areas in the last week of April. KNU’s spokesperson Lt. Colonel Saw Kalel Doe said that if the military continued its attacks despite the ceasefire, the armed group would have to respond in order to protect the villagers. 

Not only KNU, but Kachin Independence Army (KIA) has also been attacked by the terrorist military. Near KIA’s headquarters in Laiza, Myanmar military launched airstrikes four times around 7pm today according to Kachinwaves News. Locals reported that aerial attacks were also launched today in Momauk township where KIA’s battalion 25 controlled. Today’s attacks clearly prove that the regime’s unilateral ceasefire is nothing but an empty promise.

Global Myanmar Spring Revolution Day is scheduled for tomorrow, 2nd May. Larger protests are expected inside the country, and outside of Myanmar, people from 14 countries will show their support to the ongoing resistance against the military coup. Meanwhile, United Nations had to tone down its joint-statement on Myanmar’s crisis after the meeting yesterday because China and Russia insisted. Looking at the decreasing interest in UN’s closed door meeting last night, more and more Myanmar people have come to realised that they are on their own. With or without UN, our defiance continues.

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