Freedom Memoirs – Day 91

Today marks a week since ASEAN bloc had reached a five-point consensus on Myanmar’s affairs, and with a clear message from the ASEAN leaders to stop the violence at all fronts. But since then, at least 12 people have been killed by the so-called ‘security forces’ of Min Aung Hlaing’s military council — that is without adding five people that they have killed today. 

Global Myanmar Spring Revolution Day was held today with people from all over the world coming out in unity to show support for our fight against the military regime. From New York, Washington D.C to Japan, South Korea, and Sydney and New Zealand, our global comrades came out to stand together with the people of Myanmar. (Side note: we also saw reports today that South Korea is building a refugee camp on the Thai-Myanmar border to help many displaced people due to recent eruptions of civil wars in the region.)

Despite the lethal crackdowns and inhumane abductions, protesters came out en masse in at least 15 towns and cities across Myanmar. We saw photos from Yangon, Mandalay, Bago, Shwe Bo, Taunggyi, Meiktila, Naung Hkio, Hsipaw, Kyaukme, Mogok, Demoso, Myawaddy, Myitkyina, Hpakant, Mawlamyine, Depayin and many more that we probably don’t get updates due to mobile internet suspension. Yangon has been alive again with protests in the past few days, and the momentum continues on today as well. Various townships in Yangon came out despite the heavy security in the city for the military’s VIP events. In Meiktila, anti-regime protesters, including monks and members of student unions came out in crowds to participate in the Global Myanmar Spring Revolution movement. Iconic photos coming out of today are the brave men and women of Depayin coming out to rally, geared up with swords to defend themselves against heavy artillery of the military’s regime, and the defiant protesters of Kyaukme standing in unity a few meters away from the police. People of Demoso township in Kayah State also never failed to show up in masses and rally for our freedom. 

The news of our brave people protesting always came with news of devastating crackdowns from the uniformed terrorists of Myanmar military as well. At least five people are confirmed to have been killed as of this evening. One in Hpakant township of Kachin State; two in Wat Lat township of Sagaing Region; one each in Naung Hkio and Hsipaw townships of Shan State — according to the reports, all of them are shot to death during deathly crackdowns in which the military are using heavy weapons.

With the rising death toll, the number of protesters and normal civilians abducted is also rising every single day.  In Mawlamyine, local residents said the military terrorists rammed into protest crowds with their vehicles, and abducted eight people. Terrorists are also no longer donning their uniforms, but plain clothes, and some using decoys such ambulances to arrest the protesters; chasing after protesters using the civilian cars, and arresting anyone who is wearing black today. At least 40 people in total are reported to be abducted today from Yangon, Bago, Mandalay and Mawlamyine. 

Explosions continued to happen left and right across Yangon as well. Today started with an explosion in Sanchaung township, followed up with a few more in Tamwe and Hlaingtharyar townships. Elsewhere, a bomb blast was reported in Taungoo inside the Ministry of Education office. The stronger the oppression, the stronger the resilience of the people. 

Today is also the day of the military’s VIP event to open the Women’s and Children’s Hospital and the new headquarter of Myawaddy media center in Yangon. Isn’t it ironic that the military is opening up a hospital dedicated to care for the wellbeing of women and children while its lackeys are continuing to use extreme violence against women and children in detention and in crackdowns? We wonder if Min Aung Hlaing and his associates enjoy standing on top of all the women and children that they have killed, injured, detained and tortured since February 1, to blatantly hold a big event like this. 

As a new week begins tomorrow, we want to remind everyone that people in unity are always stronger than anything else. We said in our yesterday’s post that with or without the UN, our defiance continues. This applies to every international organization and government. This is our fight, and we will win it with our own means. Don’t try to jump the fence later on when the will and power of people have prevailed. 

It’s our revolution, and we will win it.

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