Freedom Memoirs – Day 109

Since the beginning, the military has been trying to convince the public that the coup was staged because of the election fraud committed by the NLD, civilian government. But today, Irrawaddy News reported that junta removed the age limit of 65 years for the commander-in-chief and its deputy positions on February 4, just a few days after the coup. The murderer-in-chief Min Aung Hlaing will turn 65 this July, and he was supposed to retire by then. Can you imagine a coup was staged and a country went downward spiral just because an old man did not want to retire from his position? Look at us, we are living in that tragedy now. 

The coup leader probably thought he could control the country by staging a coup, but he obviously couldn’t. Anti-coup protests are still going strong all over the country. Marching strikes continued in Mandalay, Monywa, Myaung and Pakokku townships in Magway, Tase and Kalay townships in Sagaing, Launglon township in Dawei, Namati township in Shan State, Hpakant in Kachin State and many more. Nighttime candlelight protests were also carried out in a few towns, people-less protests to reject the junta’s education were also seen in some, monks also joined the protests and said prayers. Despite the tightened security, small protests were also staged in Yangon. Every citizen who stands against the junta is doing his/her part in this revolution.

It’s not a regular day in Myanmar if there’s no explosion took place. Last night around 8pm in Tarmwe township, Yangon, two explosions blasted near No. 1 High School. Reports said that some of the junta’s forces were injured when the second bomb blasted. This morning around 7am, an explosion took place beside the South Dagon police station, injuring a policeman. Around 2pm, a bomb blasted in the parking lot of Makro, a popular supermarket. Soldiers arrived as soon as the explosion took place, and shoppers were allegedly held inside the supermarket for some time according to Myanmar Labour News. In Ayeyarwaddy Region, Pyapon township, an explosion occurred at the village administrator’s office in Daw Nyein village this morning. Around 6pm this evening, a bomb exploded at Taunggyi Myoma Market in Shan State, injuring two plain-clothed police. 

Abduction of civilians also continued in our daily lives. Tipped by the junta-appointed ward administrator, soldiers arrested about 10 young men in Tarmwe township today. An NLD parliamentarian and three locals from Pinlebu township, Sagaing Region were also arrested. In case we haven’t reported these data in a while, the death toll has hit 807 people and 4174 people are detained according to the Assistance Association to Political Prisoners (AAPP). 

In Mindat, People’s Administration group reported that a fight broke out between the military and CDF Mindat yesterday, resulting in three deaths from the military. In Hakha, another part of Chin State, Chinland Defense Force – Hakha (CDF Hakha) announced today that seven junta’s soldiers were killed and 19 were injured during the two-day long clashes. About 30 motorcycles owned by CDF Hakha members were burned and destroyed by junta’s soldiers but no death or injury was reported from CDF side. The fight is expected escalate since the locals reported that the military has been reinforcing more troops in Kalay township in neighbouring Sagaing Region. 

Since multiple warfronts are opened, the military seems to face shortage of troops because DVB news reported that the military has been providing short-term military training to unemployed offsprings of soldiers. According to CDM soldiers, these newly trained forces are stationed at schools and hospitals to provide security in cities and towns with a daily wage of 7000 Myanmar kyats (equivalent to USD 4.25). Veterans were also tasked to provide security in towns since last month. It was only a few days ago when DVB reported that hundreds of soldiers have defected from the military. 

Junta appointed Union Election Commission (UEC) will hold a meeting with political parties tomorrow to discuss the proportional representation system. Members of People’s Party, led by 88 Generation student leader U Ko Ko Gyi, are divided as the party leader showed interest in attending the meeting. Ethnic political parties such as Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD), Arakan National Party (ANP) and Kachin State People’s Party (KSPP) will not be attending the meeting. In a press conference on May 15, UEC’s spokesperson said that invitation was sent to NLD party, but whom do they expect in attendance when most NLD leaders and members are either arrested or issued arrest-warrants? Anyway, we will take note of the attending parties that choose to side with the murderous military council. 

Speaking of the murderous military, Chief of Airforce General Maung Maung Kyaw is currently in Russia to attend HeliRussia, International Helicopter Industry Exhibition where defence helicopters will be showcased. We must be reminded that every penny going into the junta’s pocket will be spent on purchases like these murder machines. Although an instant veto is expected from Russia, the UN should do better in the case of arms embargo. 

Today, National Unity Government (NUG) announced the formation of a commission to develop a new federal constitution. Criticism rose since all the commission members are NUG cabinet members. According to NUG, a draft is expected to finish in October and the final version be ready by December of 2021. We understand that a new nation isn’t built in a few days or months, but with this evil military taking innocent lives everyday, time is of the essence. 

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