Freedom Memoirs – Day 110

Protests continue and battles raged on. Today saw protests in Dawei, Pale, TantSi, Hpakant, Mandalay, Yangon, Myaungmya, and many more places across the country.

In Kayah (Karenni) State, the fight has been ongoing between Karenni National Progressive Partyn(KNPP) and junta’s forces in Hpasaung and Bawlakhae townships, with residents fleeing the area. Today, Demoso township of the same state saw fighting between Karenni People’s Defense Force (KPDF) and junta’s forces, which suffered at least three fatalities. KNPP spokesperson claims junta’s forces are reinforcing in the area and further clashes are imminent.

In Hpalan Township, Chin State, Chinland Defense Force (CDF) claimed their ambush caused the death of six SAC soldiers, including a captain. One CDF militia also lost his live in the battle lasting 3 hours. In Mindat, Chin State with people fleeing the town en-masse, the junta’s soldiers are targeting transporting medical and food supplies to IDP camps. Police are hunting down those who are supporting IDPs in Mindat with a man getting arrested in Kale Township, Sagaing Region yesterday, with donations moneys meant for Mindat IDPs. Junta no longer differentiates whether they are civilians or militias, or whether in the streets of major cities, under international media spotlights or in the remote places like jungles surrounding Mindat, committing daylight robbery.

Explosions are also reported at many parts of Yangon and other cities, most notably with a series of blasts in Yangon’s Sanchaung around 2pm, resulting in one death of junta’s soldier. Another blast also took place in Tarmwe township around 4pm today. In Mandalay, a handmade bomb exploded in the office compound of Myanmar Beer, which is a product of military’s conglomerate.

From the international community, the Japanese government is considering cutting off all official development assistance to Myanmar, including putting a halt to all ongoing projects, if the situation does not improve, Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said today. Japan is among the largest donor in Myanmar. A quick search of Ministry of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations’ database shows Japan being largest contributor of development assistance, contributing US$3.1billion in loans and grants, for the period starting Jan 2014 till now. A full suspension of funding mark would mark its first time doing so since Japan began providing ODA to Myanmar in 1954, however with the risk of feeding the devil with the junta in charge, suspension is a logical stance from our viewpoint, although we wish humanitarian assistance, without dealing or supporting the junta could be more helpful.

Today also saw meeting between junta-backed Union Election Commission (UEC) and 60 pro-junta political parties, most of them not winning a single seat in November 2020 election. During the meeting UEC Chair U Thein Soe declared that NLD party would be dissolved and its key personnel be charged with high treason for election fraud. U Thein Soe, a former senior military official, was UEC Chair during 2010 Election, a sham election rigged to ensure transfer of power from military to military-backed USDP. In another UEC-related news, a village chairman of previous UEC, the one who took part in organising 2020 General Election, in Taungdwingyi Township died hours into arrest by the junta’s forces. He was arrested together with five more people on May 19, and all six people were reportedly tortured. The 47-years old, U Khin Maung Kyi was survived by three children, and his funeral held yesterday. The current whereabouts of other five people are unknown.

In another deaths during arrest, a man from Lanmadaw died during junta’s custody yesterday. He was arrest two months ago while guarding the neighbourhood. He has record of diabetes, and poor conditions inside the prison are cited as leading to death during this arbitrary arrest.

Seng Nu Pan and Lum Zawng, two prominent Kachin activists from Myitkyina, were abducted today by shooting up and ramming with car by junta’s forces as they are visiting to a funeral. Kachinwaves news also reported that two other people were also arrested with them. Their whereabout is currently unknown.

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