Freedom Memoirs – Day 112

by mohingamatters

Today, the clashes between the terrorists and Kayah People’s Defence Force (KPDF) continued to rage on, resulting with the military declaring martial law in Loikaw this afternoon at 3pm. It is honestly despicable that martial law has given the Myanmar military terrorists the complete freedom to exert their inhumane violence and power over the people under the law. Reports said that the military terrorists have been chasing down people, and raiding Loikaw since this afternoon… is Kayah State the next Mindat as we feared it would be?

Kayah-PDF has been clashing with Myanmar’s military terrorists in both Loikaw and Demoso since yesterday. Today, there were reports of Myanmar military aircrafts flying around in Kayah State, and villages near Demoso are reported to be attacked by the military forces. Residents of Loikaw set up barricades to stop the military forces from advancing towards Demoso, where more military tanks are seen arriving in town.

Just further north, another conflict between the local PDF and Myanmar security forces were occurring in Moe Byal, located on the border of Shan State and Kayah State, since early morning as well. A police station was reported to be taken control and burned down by the local PDF. Reports said the PDF forces captured 4 policemen and seized weapons. The military retaliated to this event by attacking the residential areas with big machinery. A man from Kanken village in Moe Byal was reportedly killed when the military fired at the Kakeng monastery where many IDPs were taking shelters. 

From these two events, at least 25 military terrorists were reported to be killed in Demoso, and in Moe Byal, about 20 found dead from the military side and 5 injured from the PDF forces.

These aren’t just the places that were experiencing violence and clashes today.

Early in the morning, even before the sunrise, heavy gunfire and explosions were heard in the town of Muse on the China-Myanmar border, and it continued to rage on as the day proceeded. In Insein township in Yangon, a church in Myo Thit ward was raided by the terrorists, and 3 people, including a disable man, a preacher and another civilian were reportedly beaten and then abducted.

Of course, normal civilians are subjected to other forms of power exertion from the terrorist army as well. In Mandalay, shop owners in Zay Cho’s market were threatened by the military council to open up their shops starting from May 24th onwards, and that if they fail to comply with the rules and regulation, and refuse to “return” to normal operations, the military will confiscate the shops. In Kani township of Sagaing Region, villages, homes and businesses were also raided for food supplies and the military lackeys were reported to have taken the poultry animals without any reservations.

Despite the violence across the country, our brave and defiant people still continued to come out and protest against the military dictatorship. In Myanmar, protesters in Mandalay staged a breakfast protest at a tea shop; protesters in Myingyan, Dawei and Tanze township of Sagaing Region were seen marching the street; the civil servants in Shwepyithar township continued to denounce the military control of Myanmar, and in Hlaing Tharyar township, the residents distributed the photos of Min Aung Hlaing and Soe Win, the two terrorists at the helm of the Myanmar terrorist military council, in the streets for others to step on enjoyably as they go about their day. In the north, the people of Hpakant township of Kachin State marched the streets under the theme of nationalities’ strike. Weekend also means Myanmar communities abroad going out and showing their support for our plight back home. We saw photos of Myanmar communities in Paris and South Korea taking the streets to stand together against the Myanmar military regime.

On the political front, today the National Unity Government revealed the flag of the People’s Defence Force along with the values and the plans for a federal alliance. Among the international community, the European Union (EU) came out today with a strong statement, saying that the EU will continue to “denounce all attempts to overturn the will of the Myanmar people, no repression or unfounded pseudo-legal proceedings can grant legitimacy to the junta’s illegal takeover of power.”

Most of the time, we updated on the protests, clashes, and violence that were occurring daily, and today we want to highlight how all these intensifying violence and clashes are having a major toll on normal civilians in many war torn regions.

Today over 353 civilians were forced to leave Hsipaw due to military occupation and they are facing water and electricity shortages. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the growing humanitarian crisis in Myanmar now. The latest report published by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on May 20 said that since the 1st of February, approximately 61,000 people in Myanmar have been displaced internally, and among them 56,000 are still displaced. This is a worrisome figure, and it is going to continue to go up as long as the military terrorists are in charge.

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