Freedom Memoirs – Day 117

This morning around 8:15 am, a bomb blasted in Muse, Shan State, killing one young man and severely injuring another. The deceased was called Phoe Thingyan, just aged twenty, an employee of local garbage collecting company, who picked up a black plastic bag which turned out to be a bomb. It is a sad news indeed to lose just another young innocent life during this revolution. Of course, junta will say these recent explosions across the country are being conducted by anti-regime forces. It is just convenient for them because they have abducted too many people for no apparent reason and now, they could frame one by one while they portray themselves as “restoring stability” in the world stage. However, the people have only one task at hand whether it is non-violent means or not, which is to take down the coup leader and co, not to hurt our own people.

Where the people are actually fighting junta’s forces is in Demoso, Kayah. Local news pages report that both sides were still firing at each other until this afternoon and we have lost at least 25 soldiers from the people side during this battle. The fallen heroes were not only from Kayah People Defense Force (KPDF), some are from different armed organizations and some just random young people who had taken up arms in the case of emergency.

Moreover, we also heard that there was a battle between local people defense force and terrorist military near Nhan Khar village, Gantgaw district in Magway region. There was no confirmed report of casualties yet but DVB news said one military truck was destroyed. In Chaung Zin village where a battle broke out a couple of days ago, Min Aung Hlaing’s soldiers have been deployed in schools and monasteries and they are finding weapons in the village thoroughly. Even flights and navy boats were present nearby for reinforcement and villagers have been in hiding.

While some have chosen the guns, majority of the country is still marching down the streets and protesting against the military coup. Monks’ strike in Mandalay was violently cracked down this afternoon where at least five monks and one person were beaten and abducted. Also in Chan Aye Thar Zan township, Mandalay, junta’s forces raided Aung Nan Yeik Thar ward and abducted at least ten people including one photo journalist called Myo Thiha Kyaw from Myanmar Pressphoto Agency. Today in Nat Pat Lal village, Kyaukpadaung, five villagers were being accused of burning down a school on May 26 and arrested on such charges. Locals said at least fifteen terrorist trucks surrounded the village and searched the village so men have had to flee the area.

On the related note about lawless abductions, junta’s forces had tried to find a political activist called Ko Tin Htut Paing and as he had been already in hiding, they had violently arrested his mother Daw Mi Nge instead on May 2. Today, Khit Thit Media reported that Daw Mi Nge has been charged with Sedition Act 505(A) of Penal Code and sentenced for three years in prison. As a mother and a former political prisoner, she might have been pleased that it’s herself, instead of her son. However, it’s absolutely outrageous that someone who has nothing to do with the “alleged crime” has been charged and put into jail without even a proper trial.

Although we no longer have any hope for upcoming the UN council or international aids, we heard today that, “ASEAN wanted the UN to drop a call to suspend arms sales to the Myanmar Military”. Apparently, our beloved neighbors are not too happy with the wording and asked to omit a sentence that calls for “an immediate suspension” on sales or transfers of all military weapons. ASEAN leaders never fail to amaze us. However, National Unity Government (NUG) today shared a video on Facebook that the very first batch of its defense force has completed the military training and held a passing ceremony in Southern Regional Command. Thus, if we could ask for one thing from international community, we would tell them it’s fine not to suspend sales of military weapons immediately but they should at least supply fairly to both sides.

Last news of our entry came from Thaketa township, Yangon. Unknown armed people raided into a pagoda compound and attacked the deployed terrorist soldiers. The incident led to back and forth shootings and Min Aung Hlaing’s military might have suffered many casualties according to Khit Thit Media. As much as Facebook hates this kind of reporting, we do hope we can bring you many more news like this in the future.

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