Freedom Memoirs – Day 118

Last night in Yangon’s Insein township, a young man on his motorbike was stopped by soldiers from Light Infantry Division 77 around 9pm. When he did not stop, the soldiers chased him with a military truck according to witnesses and rammed into the bike. The young man, who passed away with severe wound the next morning, was identified to be Ko Htet Aung, an award winning model with two winner titles. No police, no trial, no justice. 

Around 9am this morning in Yangon, a handmade grenade was thrown inside the office of traffic police in Kyimyindaung township. About the same time, another grenade attack was carried out in Hlaing Tharyar township. A handmade grenade was thrown inside a patrolling military truck but it blasted outside the car, injuring some soldiers. Again in Sanchaung township, near the office of UNHCR, a bomb blast was reported this morning. No injuries were reported in Kyimyindaing and Sanchaung incidents. In Mandalay this morning, a parcel bomb exploded at a wedding reception, injuring a volunteer. In Chin State yesterday, bombs blasted at General Administration Office and Myanma Economic Bank. In Magway Region, Myaing township, five explosions blasted in No. 2 High School last night, and a fire also broke out inside the school. 

Under this regime, nobody is safe. In Taungdwingyi, Magway Region, 10 young men who were playing video games at a local game shop were abducted by junta’s soldiers this afternoon. Last night in Kamma township, another part of Magway Region, NLD party chair and the region’s former immigration and population minister U Myint Aung was abducted. In Taninthayi Region, Launglon township, junta’s soldiers arrested six civilians for no apparent reason. In Loikaw, Kayah (Karenni) State, a volunteer from Loikaw Catholic Seminary was shot dead by junta’s soldiers as they raided the seminary. 

Regarding Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM), the removal of CDM staff continued through out the country. Earlier this week, more than 300 educators from professors to demonstrators, and 90 administrative staff from Yangon University were dismissed from their positions. Nearly 250 CDM educators from Mandalay University were also removed from their positions. Hundred and hundreds of educators and administrative staff from basic education and higher education sectors were continued to be removed from their positions for joining the CDM. The removals do not stop at education sector. The regime terminated more than 500 CDM civil servants from Sagaing Region’s Department of Agriculture. In Naypyidaw, CDM staff members from MyTel, military owned telecommunication company, were arrested as well.

Clashes between people’s forces and junta’s soldiers continued throughout the country. In Gantgaw township, Sagaing Region, Kale Region Defense Army (KRDA) attacked two military trucks on a highway yesterday afternoon, killing five junta’s soldiers while they also suffered three casualties. In Putao township, Kachin State, Kachin Independence Army (KIA) launched an attack at two military trucks this morning, and the shootout occurred as the soldiers defended. In Kutkai township, Shan State, fighting broke out between Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) and the junta’s forces this morning, starting 6.20am until 10am. In Kayah (Karenni) State, clashes between Karenni People Defense Force (KPDF) and Myanmar military continued. From the latest reports, entry to Kayah State via Loikaw-Aung Ban highway was closed by the regime’s forces. We can only pray the regime won’t commit another massacre in Kayah State.

In other news, National Unity Government (NUG) announced that it had signed a memorandum of understanding with Chin National Front (CNF), leading Chin ethnic political organization, to cooperate in the fight against military regime and in formation of a federal democratic state. The news is widely welcomed by the public. 

Protests continued despite the escalating violence and tightened security. Protests against the military, strikes against the junta’s slave education system, protests to support the NUG and to restore democracy could be seen nationwide. Depending on the security level, some towns organised sit-in protests, motorbike rallies and marching strikes while others staged guerrilla protests, people-less protests and online campaigns. 118 days since the attempted and failed coup and we haven’t given up on our fight against the military. The revolution will go on and the people will eventually win. 

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