Freedom Memoirs – Day 119

Despite a heavy rain raging across different regions in Myanmar, people haven’t given up on voicing out our demands, and they can be seen protesting against the military regime under the rain. 

In Tanintharyi Region, people are still going out marching the street and staging motorcycle rallies under the torrential rain with the message loud and clear that they will be standing up for their rights till the end. In Yangon, youths continue to try their best to stage different protests. The youths of Tarmwe township have launched a sticker campaign to spread messages condemning the military at various bus stops across Yangon, and the youths of Sanchaung township also organized a black balloon campaign this evening. 

In Mandalay, it was the monks who are showing everyone that they do not support injustice and they are with the people by peacefully protesting by reciting sutta to ward off evil and harm. Other monks are also seen marching the street in Mandalay despite a crackdown on May 28 that has resulted in the abduction of two monks and seven civilians after the uniformed terrorists rammed into the protest rally with a car. 

Speaking of uniformed terrorists, we need to remind ourselves that the military seemed to have deployed both official “uniformed” terrorists and unofficial “plain-clothed” terrorists everywhere. This evening, a civilian was reportedly shot dead in Amarapura, Mandalay Region by a gun-wheeling plain clothed person. This is not the first incident we have heard of violence incited by the plain-clothed individuals. We had seen plenty during the violent-crackdown-days back in March. It’s important that people don’t forget that the military does have plain-clothed militia almost everywhere. 

More trouble seems to be brewing between the security forces as well. Today, there was a rumor going around on social media that a gunfire was heard from within the base of regiment 212 in Taunggyi, and one person has allegedly died. We still could not verify this news as we write this. But to add onto this news, the Ayeyarwaddy Times reported that on the night of May 29, an Officer and Deputy Sergeant of the Ayeyarwaddy Division Police Commander Office were quarreling, and they started shooting each other, resulting in the death of the Deputy Sergeant. In Kani township on May 29, the inhumane military soldiers were reported to have harassed a woman who was taking a shower, and a police officer tried to stop the soldier from doing, but a fight ensued, and apparently, the police shot at the sex offending soldier.

Fighting between the ethnic armies and the terrorist military continued in several places. In Katha township, Katha-People Defence Force joined forces with the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) to attack military forces in Shwe Pyi Thit village, and four casualties were reported from the terrorist side, according to the residents who spoke to Kachinwaves. On the outskirts of Bhamo township, there were reports of clashes between the KIA forces and the junta’s soldiers as well. KIA also attacked the military convoy near Tang Ja Mare village in Putao, and fighting has erupted from that incident. In its effort to also eradicate the unofficial plain-clothed terrorists, the KIA has also reportedly attacked the base of Pyithu Sit—a militia that is formed by the Myanmar military in Nant Mun, Mohnyin Township. In the southeastern region of Myanmar, Karen National Union (KNU) announced that there had been two more clashes between the Brigade-5 of Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and the military forces on May 29, and four casualties were reported from the military side with two military trucks damaged. 

The junta forces have also reported to have closed various forms of transports into Paletwa in Chin State starting from May 29, after an explosion occurred, and Chin World media also reported that about 10 Chin youths were abducted by the uniformed terrorists shortly after, and nobody has heard from them since then. 

Bombs continued to explode across the country as well. This morning a bomb blast in the public market of Kyan Taung in Kyethi township injured one woman. A blast was also reported in Hlaing township in Yangon Region this morning, and one Chin ethnic youth was abducted by the junta forces for taking pictures of the scene after the blast happened on the ground floor of his apartment block. Witnesses said he was beaten. If the bombings are not their doings, why do they need to punish the innocent people who take photo of the aftermath? To give everyone more to think about, the revolutionary group in Myaing township, Magway Region released a statement on May 29 revealing that that the military was behind the recent bombings and burning down of two schools’ buildings in the town. 

The state media and the military council like to point out that all of these bombings are caused by the “rioters who are trying to disrupt the stability of the state”, but are they really so dense to think that people are buying their lies and façade. Just to prove more how the military are demented greedy monsters, today DVB TV News reported that the security forces have taken the children of a NLD-party member as hostage when they couldn’t find their target, and in the process, they have also looted over K300 lakhs worth of gold from the house. 

To give a slight good news for everyone, the National Unity Government (NUG) released a statement today that NUG has been working together with the International Court of Justice and other related courts to ensure justice and human rights for the Rohingya and over the killings, torture and other crimes against civilians that have occurred since the attempted coup on Feb 1. During an interview with the Voice of America, the Minister of Human Rights of NUG also claimed that the government is working to publish a position paper on Rohingya rights, and they are going through over 30,000 submissions of human rights violations/evidence to hold the perpetrators accountable. 

There will come a day when the Myanmar military cannot outrun their crimes and atrocities that they have been committing for decades, and justice will be hopefully served for everyone. 

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