Freedom Memoirs – Day 311

Every new day, we wake up thinking the regime could not top its cruelty from the previous day, and we are always wrong. Following the Sarlingyi massacre, four more dead bodies were discovered near a hut outside Don Taw village, the same location of yesterday’s incident. A local source told Mizzima News that the deceased included a 11-year-old girl, Daw Win Yi in her 50s, Daw Than Sein in her 80s and U Nyan Po who was unable to walk due to poor health condition. According to the local source, U Nyan Po was father of one of the men who was burned alive yesterday, and they were all related. With the new discovery, a total of 15 civilians from Don Taw Village were killed by regime soldiers. 

Min Aung Hlaing and his army have become nothing but a desperate group of lawless thugs, killing everyone and destroying everything in sight. Now that the pot-banging sessions have reemerged on the streets of Yangon, regime soldiers entered the streets in Tarmwe Township, opened fire, and threatened to kill. Khit Thit Media reported that when one young man was caught filming the junta soldiers, they chased the young man, but he jumped off fifth floor to escape the arrest. The young man was taken to hospital with ambulance. In Kamayut Township of Yangon, regime soldiers entered Yadanar Street and destroyed at least 30 private cars while residents banged pots and pans around 8pm. They also shouted swear words, opened fire and stun grenades. The more regime soldiers harassed the lives of civilians, the stronger hatred is inflicted in us and the more we support for the resistance movements. 

At this point, it seems that Min Aung Hlaing’s thugs can no longer tolerate any form of resistance, including non-violent protests. Just a few days after ramming into protesters in Yangon, regime soldiers did the same thing in Mandalay. This morning in Chan Aye Tharzan Township of Mandalay, a military car rammed into three youths who were on their way to join a protest rally. The plain-clothed soldiers opened fire and managed to arrest one female protester. The protester was identified to be Ma Khine Zin Phu and she was shot in the process of the arrest. In Mahar Aung Myay Township, another part of Mandalay, 13 civilians were abducted by the regime soldiers last night after the Sein Pan protest rally had dispersed. Detainees were nine men and four women according to Mizzima News.

This morning around 5am, NLD party member Daw Khin Myo was shot dead at her home in Lanmadaw Township of Yangon. While she was getting ready to open her shop, an unknown gunman opened fire at her, bullets hitting her neck, chest and stomach and killing instantly. Another person was also shot at the leg. Locals assumed that the assassination was done by the regime side. This evening in Meikhtila Town of Mandalay Region, junta soldiers stopped two men on a motorbike, and the passenger who took off from the bike for inspection was shot in close range as the driver drove away. This kind of lawlessness of regime soldiers only proves that the institution no longer deserves a place in our society, let alone control our future. 

Despite all these horrendous response towards people’s resistance, the people of Myanmar continued to march in the streets to defy the military regime. From cities like Yangon and Mandalay to small towns in Sagaing Region such as Sarlingyi, Ayardaw which saw regime’s brutality recently, marching strikes and guerrilla protests were observed throughout the day. Protesters and the public at large also gear up for the Silent Strike on December 10 as well.

If we recall, the regime’s security printing work at Wazi faced difficulties since German company suspended its supplies for money printing in the first few months of the coup. However, around mid 2021, we saw newly printed low quality banknotes circulated as China allegedly supplied inks and papers for printing. Today, Irrawaddy News reported that a cargo flight from Uzbekistan Airways, carrying up to 40 tons of banknote papers, landed at Yangon International Airport around 7:30pm last night. Printing new banknotes to solve the budget deficit is the same old tactic used by previous regimes, and Min Aung Hlaing is planning to do the same. Inflation is inevitable, and those below and close to poverty line will suffer even more. 

Interesting news came from Facebook that it will take down pages and groups that affiliate with Myanmar military today. In the press statement, Meta, parent company of Facebook, said that the new policy was adopted to be in line with sanctions imposed on the military regime by the US, EU and international community. This news came a day after the news of Rohingya refugees suing the company for promotion of hate speech on its platform. Coincidence or not, we are happy to report that military-owned MyTel telecom page is now taken down.

To end today’s entry in a good note, the momentum of our revolution is accelerating amidst the hardship. Sagaing People Defense Force (SPDF) announced today that large enterprises that wish to use highway roads in Sagaing Region will be required to show the digital slips of tax payment to the National Unity Government (NUG) starting December 15. In addition, SPDF announced that it will take action against the so-called “people defense forces” which are collecting tolls.

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