Freedom Memoirs – Day 312

by mohingamatters
Karen National Union (KNU) officially released a statement yesterday that its forces are coordinating fights with People Defense Forces (PDF) against Min Aung Hlaing’s army. On December 6, junta’s military convoy was detonated with landmines by Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) near Mahtaw Village in which one soldier was killed and another was injured. Again, on the same day, the joint forces of KNLA and PDF carried out a guerilla attack on the said convoy in the afternoon, killing four and injuring six. Three soldiers from KNLA were also hurt. Two more clashes were reported on December 6 in which one dead body from junta’s side was found although the exact number of casualties was not verified yet. KNU added that regime forces are reinforcing in territories of KNU’s brigade two and three and spying with drones on the location of KNU’s outposts.

An encouraging news came in from Sagaing Region this morning that a military convoy was blasted with landmines in Yinmabin Township around 9am today. Joint forces of seven local PDF claimed responsibility of the attack that had resulted in ten deaths including a captain from junta side. Two trucks were also destroyed, Khit Thit Media reported. There was no casualty from the resistance forces who successfully retreated after the incident. In the same township, another similar attack on regime soldiers was carried out by a local based force called Triple Two yesterday morning, killing at least ten soldiers. Triple Two announced that it was a revenge for the massacre of Donetaw Village where 11 villagers were tied and burned to death by regime forces.

Another successful charge at junta’s soldiers was reported in Mandalay Region’s Myingyan Township where junta’s one truck and three motorbikes were blasted with mines yesterday morning. Three policemen were killed on the spot and the vehicles were also destroyed. The attack was carried out by the coordination of four PDF. A PDF member told Myanmar Now that there has been a clash between junta’s soldiers and PDF in Myaing Town of Magway Region. Earlier today, two military trucks were bombed in a location two miles away from Myaing and six villagers from nearby Mintharkya Village were violently abducted afterwards. And then another detonation took place which effectively prompted the battle. At least three of junta’s soldiers were injured. As the time of reporting, 50 soldiers have been deployed in Mintharkya Village and the residents have fled their homes.

In Sagaing Region, Pyuu Saw Htee, the armed thug group of military supporters, reportedly destroyed two houses and a bridge in Ayardaw Township this morning, according to DVB News. Pyuu Saw Htee members were led by the ward administrator, forcefully ransacking peoples’ homes and seizing phones before they went on and terrorized two houses. Satellites set up in the village were also stolen. Moreover, thousands of civilians have been displaced in Mingin Township, Chin State due to heavy artillery shelling of junta’s forces. A local told DVB that the indiscriminate shots were fired from Taung Phyu Port, the other side of the Chindwin River, forcing the civilians to leave their homes in fear, this morning.

U Hlaing Win, a teacher on civil disobedience movement (CDM) from Kantbalu Township passed away in an interrogation center, according to Burma VJ. The 40-year-old man was abducted on December 3 and his family was informed of his death on December 7; however, the dead body was not returned. Kantbalu Education Board said U Hlaing Win was severely tortured to death. In Mon State’s Thanbyuzayat Township, another victim was shot and killed by junta’s soldiers last night. U Thar Nge, who was out on his motorbike, was shot in the back around 9pm and his body was picked up by the soldiers immediately. The reason of the killing was not disclosed or even the killing itself was not acknowledged by Min Aung Hlaing’s soldiers as usual.

A brief justice was served when a Pyu Saw Htee leader from Tontay Township of Yangon was shot and killed this morning. The man was called U Hla Wai, he was known as a major military informer in the area and was responsible for many arrests and deaths of innocent civilians. He also reportedly participated in searching and inspecting people on the streets, according to Mizzima. Attacks on junta’s forces were reported in Yangon and Mandalay today. According to Khit Thit Media, South Oakkalapa Police Station and Mayangone Police Station were blasted with bombs and gun fires this evening, which killed one policeman and injured two. A military outpost in Aungmyaytharzan Township, Mandalay was also attacked with a bomb in the afternoon, killing four; three soldiers and a ward administrator.

Millions of people across the country will participate in “Silence Strike” tomorrow by emptying the streets between 10am to 4pm. People vow to close the shops/businesses, work from home and avoid going out for any reason for the strike. As usual, State Administration Council (SAC) has been trying hard to jeopardize the plan. Its supporters have authored a fake announcement as if released by National League for Democracy (NLD), saying the strike has been postponed and urging people to go out as usual. Moreover, regime’s lackeys have threatened business owners from Yangon, Pathein and Magway that they will face consequences such as license revoked or even prison sentence if they don’t open shops on Friday. Regardless of such threats, we can guarantee you the streets of Myanmar will be empty tomorrow. The people have made their minds.

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