Covid Days

There are many things I have taken for granted in 25 years of my life. My mother’s unconditional love, time spent with my father, my grandma’s deteriorating health, my boyfriend’s patience on me, hanging out with friends, underground water, fresh water sources, ozone layers, and many more that I lost count.  Never the one to … Continue reading Covid Days

Tales from YBS

Bus rides are my favorite experience to observe people. Various kinds of people with different appearances and personalities hop on the same bus, interacting with each other for a very brief period of their lives. Does it sound interesting to you, too? Because it does to me. It wasn't long ago that our notorious bus … Continue reading Tales from YBS

Mohinga Talks: Making Old Clothes Great Again with Isca of Swap Up Yangon

We all have worn hand-me-downs at least once in our lives, haven’t we? Growing up, our parents let us wear hand-me-downs from our elder siblings and we had no problem with it (or maybe we didn’t have a chance to complain).  During the socialist party regime, commodities and clothing were not plenty due to the … Continue reading Mohinga Talks: Making Old Clothes Great Again with Isca of Swap Up Yangon

Open Up

What is sexual harassment? How do you define “harassment”? How does our society define “sexual harassment”? What if victims can’t prove the offense? What if our existing laws fail to charge the perpetrator? What if offender slips away and holds grudge against the victims? What is the price to pay if one opens up? What … Continue reading Open Up